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after 11 years, finally bought those chukkas from the dappered front page :-D

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    after 11 years, finally bought those chukkas from the dappered front page :-D

    i have been maybe hone A LOT more than i used to be. I have been wearing My Converse All Stars around the house all the time, and out to the store. One thing i've been doing A LOT of is trying to go out and go for a couple miles of walk at least, every single day.

    as well, I think i had been getting to wear all my RAD AF AE dress shoes at work for so many days back in the pre-covids but now I maybe make it in a couple days a week, and no one is dressed up like AT ALL> even the CEO is in tshirt and jeans, so maybe these are a little more along those lines. The chukkas are probably going to go for work journeys fairly often.

    For $60 i am very impressed how comfortable they were out of the box. The soles are nice thick rubber so they'll probably save a couple resoles on my AE shoes i had still been wearing even working from the house sometimes. I'm not sure they're going to last forever, but the

    I think the rest of the AE shoes need a rest from me walking all around creation, so I bought these much more disposable $60 Clark's shoes. I think these are the Bushacre, so the shoe without the crepe sole. I was impressed how sharp they looked out of the box. I really wanted to kind of feel better

    So here I am world! in super 2010's shoes! hear me roar! lol i guess i'm not really afraid of offending the fashion police these days, since most of them are just wearing sweatpants all day for a bit. when the proverbial pairs of sweatpants go away, i'll go back to my loafers, i guess.

    I had a couple of pairs of those early on--brown suede and beeswax. I like them a lot, and when my current desert boots die (J. Crew Macalisters) I may very well buy a new pair. They're good in general, and great for the money.