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    SuitSupply Linen Tuxedo

    Hey Gents,

    My wife and I eloped this past August and are planning to have our wedding reception this coming June (COVID allowing). We're having it at the beach at a friend's cottage property. Very small, 24 people total, all staying in individual cottages on the property for the weekend. It will be a very casual, laid back thing. Hang out on the beach for 2.5 days, have a nice dinner and some fancy drinks on Saturday.

    I purchased the light brown linen Havana tuxedo from SuitSupply as part of the last Outlet. I've had my eye on it for a few years now and always thought it would super cool to wear for this occasion. My wife and I have been kind of unofficially planning this for the last 3-5 years.

    I realize a tuxedo doesn't really sound laid back or casual, but for anyone who's seen this thing it is basically an un-tux. In my opinion, that's part of the charm, though others may disagree. It wouldn't let me attach a picture for reference, but if you google "suitsupply light brown plain havana double breasted tuxedo" it's the first photo. It looks more light grey in the photos than in person.

    I also purchased a pair of black, velvet slippers from the outlet to go with it. They are the shoes the model is wearing with the tux in the photos and it looks really good. I'm a little worried though that they kind of undercut the casual vibe I'm going for and wouldn'tnecessarily be appropriate for the beach, but I'm not sure what, if any, other options there might be that would actually work? I am planning on wearing the other tuxedo accoutrement- white shirt with studs and black bowtie. Again, this is actually exactly what the model is wearing and it looks super sharp. I am open to suggestions here as well though.

    Any ideas from you guys on a different shoe, shirt, bow tie combo that would also work with the tux to maintain the more laid back, beachy idea, without completely blowing up the look would be very welcome.

    Thanks in advance and apologize for the novel.

    I would avoid the white shirt and black tie if you are trying to drop the level of formality. I think a pale blue shirt and pink bow tie might work, but it is hard to tell since the color isn’t accurate online. My personal advice would be to go to a brick and mortar store and try different combinations with the suit on. I know that might not be possible now, but maybe in a few months?


      Light brown linen, especially in the quantities of a full suit, is a large amount of casualness. I'd argue that keeping the other small but more numerous elements traditional will create contrast to the fabric and colour, highlighting that it's a stylistic choice. The sharp contrast between traditional and casual is what makes for a striking statement.

      That's the decision: highlight deliberate rule-breaking or dress the whole outfit down. It's your wedding reception -- and I presume wedding photos -- go for striking (which is not the same as garish).

      Of course, the big caveat is what your partner is wearing.


        I think what you got is the best option. I mean slippers are the least formal option for a tux. Personally, I don't like it and would think that it would look better with black lapels and trim.

        The only change I might suggest to you, is to match the bowtie to the lapels. Also, wear socks.


          I say all in for the tux/casual contrast- go barefoot.