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Denim heads: heavyweight, higher rise, slim fitting?

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    Denim heads: heavyweight, higher rise, slim fitting?

    I finally repurposed (aprons) a pair of Levi's that I had worn for about a decade. Label said 514, though they seemed to be more tapered than my current 514s, and had a higher rise.

    Can anyone recommend a heavyweight dark denim with a slim fit, a regular/high rise (I'm sick of low rise jeans) and a fair price? I don't have (insert sports reference here) thighs and have a 28/29 natural waist. Frugal selection here in Canada is often limited. I have a friend in the US that I can ship to if necessary.

    As an aside, how do Levi's 501 STF fit when purchased at regular waist? I like the look of old-timey 501s (I'm guessing ca. early 1950s) but I know regular 501s would hang off me.

    Any advice is, as always, greatly appreciated.

    So... here's an example:

    Only Gap's 'original fit' jeans are the only cut they have that seems to indicate a regular rise... but they also use vocabulary like "room in the thigh" which is generally bad news for a waifish man like myself.

    I'd kill for this kind of fit but there's no way I'm paying 300 beans for a pair of jeans.

    Dappered has really helped me move away from my reliance on denim, but being Canadian I feel like I need a certain number of pairs in rotation.


      How about Edwin?
      If you can hold off until Jan, these will probably be at least 50% off during their twice yearly sale. I got a pair of ED47 last Jan for $100. I think some items went has much as 80% off by the end but it was pretty picked over by then.


        Levi's 508? Tapered slim legs, but only about as heavy as 501s.


          If you want a great pair of dark dry denim, go with some APC's or Nudie's. I prefer the Nudie's and although they have the logo stitched on the pocket, get you a seam ripper tool and you can remove the logo stitching. Have had mine about 2 1/2 yrs and distress is coming in great!

          The key for forming dry denim and getting nice distress is: less washing, more wearing!

          "One man's style must not be the rule of another's." - Jane Austen


            If you go with APC, the New Standard is great but it is a fairly low rise, certainly lower than the Edwins. If you want something with a higher rise maybe try the APC New Cure or Rescue.


              That seems more like what I'm looking for, but I'll have a tough time coughing up that kind of cash for jeans. I'm sure I can find lower prices with some hunting, but those prices seem to be par for the course, and I rarely find my sizes on sale.

              Any thoughts on naked & famous?


                If you want heavy fabric, respectable rise, and slim fit I think 3Sixteen is right up your alley. They're pretty pricey, but much nicer than APC and feature a higher rise. I grabbed a pair off ebay a while ago for a considerable discount so that might be an option if you're patient. I have the SL-100x but the ST-100x is a more tapered option.


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