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Best watch you own less than $800

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    Originally posted by idvsego View Post
    Hamilton Field Khaki, 38mm. if I HAD to go to one watch, it would be this one.

    My Seiko Samurai Blue Lagoon is a darn fine watch too.
    I will preface this by saying that I do NOT have a large watch collection. But I echo this one. I love my 38mm Field Khaki (wearing it right now), and it's very comfortably under $800. I basically split time evenly between wearing this and my Omega "Bond" SMP. I would also add Christopher Ward into the mix. I've been looking at them for years and they seem to be a great option in this price range. I especially love their C65 "retro diver" models, but many of their models look good. And they have some decent sales going on right now, to boot.