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Bostonian Whip Boots

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    Bostonian Whip Boots

    I posted, asking about these shoes, a while back, and nobody responded. I think it's a fairly new model, since none of the online retailers have any reviews for them yet. I saw the chukka version in a DSW store, in both black and brown, but I'm reluctant to buy a new model with no history. Maybe I shouldn't repost, since nobody responded earlier, but I can't resist being the first poster in the shoe forum. Welcome to the new Dappered Threads shoe department, my first foray into the new forum.

    The Bostonian Whip boot looks like a possible option for a winter/rain beater shoe that might look acceptable with dress or business casual pants, without getting as ruined as a fine leather-soled shoe might, in rainy/snowy/salty conditions. I like the styling; I'm fond of the simple plain-toe look, and it's not particularly duck-bill square or fence-climber pointy. And I tend to like this kind of chukka, since it has a clean look with the laces moved up higher compared to bluchers or bals, leaving the top of the instep clear of laces. The simplicity of the look goes well, in my opinion, with jeans, chinos, and wool dress pants. I'm a big fan of stylish simplicity, leaving almost all the decorative effect to the shirt, tie, and possibly pocket square with dress clothing (and adding the belt buckle with casual wear).

    This model, the Whip, is calf leather, advertised as waterproof, and the rubber soles are thin and understated, so they don't look obviously different from leather soles -- no aggessive waffle-stomping lugs. They look like dress boots if you don't look too close, but I tried on the brown ones with comfy faded jeans, and they looked pretty nice. There's also a Whip blucher (low-top) available online, but I haven't seen them in person in my three local DSW stores, only the chukka. List for the chukkas is $115 (USD), but they can be had for just under $100. This is in my budget range for a shoe that I could wear to work (somewhere between "business casual" and totally casual, depending on which building I'm in on any particular day), and to concerts etc. in the city, in harsh, wet, snowy, or salty weather in a Boston winter.

    So, has anyone tried the Bostonian Whip Chukka, and if so (or even if not), what do you think?

    I'd just be wary of how much you can dress them up. The'd be find with jeans or casual slacks but I can't see them working with dress pants and definitely not a suit. I assume you're talking about this?

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