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Big and Tall Suit Advice needed. 54 R Black.

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    Big and Tall Suit Advice needed. 54 R Black.

    My goal is to get down to everyday sizes and I am well on my way (65 pounds so far) but I have an upcoming need for a new suit (my son is getting married). I am around 54R and want something well made in black. Who makes a quality suit in that size range. Any advice is appreciated.

    SuitSupply and Spier & Mackay are the go to options for everyone here, but I don't think either of them go up that high in sizes unless you order something custom made and that could get pretty expensive.

    If your plan is to continue losing weight, I'd advise against buying a "nice" suit. It seems to me this might be something you only wear once or twice before it doesn't fit anymore. Although I'm not a fan of either because I feel their prices are very inflated relative to the quality, I think your best option would either be Jos A Bank or Men's Wearhouse. They can easily do separates for you, and I also believe they have a designated big and tall section. With their constant sales you should be able to get what you want for no mare than a few hundred bucks.

    Also, if I can throw in my two cents on color... have you considered something other than black? If you have to get black to go with the wedding color scheme then so be it, but I think you'd look a lot better in something blue or grey. Black suits are a bit dated, and I feel like I never really see them outside of a funeral setting.