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June Wedding Vineyard - Groom Attire

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    Originally posted by abh159 View Post

    Not sure it matters, but the OP just said "a vineyard" and not specifically Martha's Vineyard. For all we know his wedding could be at a vineyard in Michigan.

    On a side note I'm now imagining what wine from a Michigan vineyard tastes like and I'm holding back the urge to vomit..
    Yeah you're right. Could be California, in which case it could be hot. If it's Michigan...I grew up there and wool is probably going to be comfortable in June. Most of the vineyards there are in the NW corner of the Lower Peninsula, near the Lake Michigan shore. In June the "big lake" hasn't warmed up that much yet. Couple that with the northern clime and you are not talking uncomfortably hot, and potentially talking cool - if temps swing towards the low end of normal, folks could definitely want jackets.
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