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Steal The Style: Daniel Craig Esquire Cover Boots

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    Steal The Style: Daniel Craig Esquire Cover Boots

    So I know Joe offered up an alternative for those boots here:

    But I was hoping some one could either find the real ones online or find a closer alternative. Here is the cover:

    These would be good enough for me if they weren't wingtips: ch&sr=7-67&qid=1317241174015&asinTitle=Allen%20Edmonds%20D alton%20Lace-Up%20Boot&contextTitle=search%20results&clientPage Size=100&sizes=519584011%7C519585011%7C519586011%7 C519587011%7C519588011&node=242087011&sort=relevan ce-fs-browse-rank&page=7&nodes=242095011&colors=519116011%7C519 126011&size=100

    There are these. but they are not the color I like:

    So if you see those actual boots available from the cover, or something else a bit closer, please post here. I really like the look of those. The sole, leather, and laces all look nice. Joe's is on a good similar route, but the laces appear to be from a slightly taller boot based on the cover. Thanks.


    I guess they're Ralph Lauren boots that you can't get anymore. They have these chukkas, but they're not as tall as the ones on the cover. w=all&ab=viewall&parentPage=family

    if you can find the actual ones he's wearing, let me know, but otherwise I guess look for alternatives.

    LLBean - I'd put in dress laces instead. more brown than his though

    I'm sure a lot of high-end shoe makers make nice dress boots


    for $700 these can be yours



      @Ben thanks for the help. Those last ones look close enough. I don't think I am up for getting those, but I at least wanted to see something close existed. In the future I will likely get something along these lines. Still open for more ideas if anyone else spots other options.



        not nearly as sleek, but classic 1000 mile boots are nice



          @Ben those look great as a different style. They are on my wish list. I actually hadn't thought about them in a while so thanks for the reminder, heh.