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What shoes do you own in multiple colors?

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    AE Strands (walnut & black)
    Puma Super Liga Retro OG (white & navy)


      Stan Smith
      Rod Laver


        Originally posted by mcadamsandwich View Post

        If you're close to a normal size, Brick + Mortar usually can special order anything along with their makeups. Not that hard.
        Sadly no, 9B in Indys is all they've been able to size me for. Apparently they don't carry nearly ANYTHING in a B width to even try on, and refuse to order for me unless sizing is determined prior. The DC store is horrible.


          AE Dalton black and chilli
          AE liverpool walnut and black Magninni double straps black and cognac
          JF sneakers black and white
          Jay butler alligator bit loafers brown and black.
          i try to diversify my collection and avoid doubles but just love the mentioned shoes


            Alden Tassel:
            Brown Calf
            Black Calf
            Snuff Suede
            Mocha Suede
            Natural Chromexcel
            Hunting Green Suede

            Alden LHS:
            Color 8 Shell
            Brown Chromexcel
            Tan Suede
            Snuff Suede
            Brown Suede
            Navy Suede
            White Suede

            I like Alden...


              Not exactly the same, but I own AE Park Avenue in black and AE Fifth Avenue in brown. They serve the same purpose and look similar enough, I just choose depending on which color looks better with the suit/tie that I am wearing.


                I have the Allen Edmonds Dalton in two colors.


                  I now have THREE pairs of Trumans.

                  Navy Horse Rump MTO, Gaucho Kudu smooth out, and black burgundy.


                    Of the four pairs that might have been second or third in a style listed below as recent acquisitions in my post from November 18, I kept two:

                    - AE Strand in chili weave [would be #3 after walnut + brown suede] KEPT
                    - AE McAllister in bourbon [would be #3 after brown + merlot] RETURNED
                    - AE Cornwallis in coffee [would be #2 after walnut] KEPT
                    - AE Carlyle in coffee [would be #2 after bourbon] RETURNED

                    So, my current list of shoes that I have in multiple colors is this:

                    3x AE Strand [walnut leather + brown suede + chili weave]
                    2 x AE McAllister [brown + merlot]
                    2 x AE Dundee 2.0 [brown suede + loden suede]
                    2 x AE Dalton [bourbon + walnut]
                    2 x AE Neumok [green leather + cherry suede kudu]
                    2 x AE Cornwallis [walnut + coffee]

                    As I returned the bourbon McAllister, the list of colors that I have multiple pairs of remains:

                    AE walnut: 3 [Strand, Cornwallis, Dalton]
                    AE bourbon: 2 [Carlyle, Dalton]
                    BS bordeaux: 2 [Hoyt, Nolan]
                    AE brown: 2 [McAllister, Kenilworth]
                    AE brown suede: 2 [Strand, Dundee 2.0]