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Its that time of year again for annual Active Dappered check in lol

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    Its that time of year again for annual Active Dappered check in lol

    I like being outdoors but I also like not looking like a slob. I hike and camp but also do some light offroading. I tend to be on the hunt for stuff that holds up to outdoor activities, handles dirt fairly well, but also looks decent. For the last couple of years I have had some good luck starting a thread like this and asking people to post up what they might find around that fits the mold. It doesnt have to be specific outdoor gear from REI or whatever. Also, if you arent an outdoors person per se, think of this as stuff to take the kids to the park in or walk the dog in.

    Im going to kick off with a couple of things that I have and like and then a couple of things I am hunting for. Will post as I find new stuff if there is interest. Also, I'm fully ready for any of the "function before form" people because Im one of them too lol.

    J crew tech pants. Since I work from home, I live in their shorts almost year round. Comfortable enough to lounge in but look good enough to go out in and tough enough that I have hiked 12+ mile days in them. I even have hit the gym in them before. So last year I picked up some pants too. They are great for this time of year when you maybe just need to cover the legs a little but still like to breath. We went to the beach recently and these were perfect for walking on the beach or grabbing ice cream. The reason I like these over task-made REI type gear is they dont look like task made REI gear and come in colors we tend to like.

    32 Degree undershirts from costco. Man. stretchy, comfy, quick dry. I love these. Only white and black and only crew neck. Cut like undershirts so slightly fitted. but comfy as heck for active use as a tee and way cheaper than single shirt prices. A great short sleeve base layer for this time of year in GA when you wake up to 45 degrees and it hits 80 by lunch.

    Ex Offcio give and go boxer briefs. Duh. but the 32 degree from costco are a good alternative.

    Now for the hit list this season...

    I still struggle with foot wear that is capable of 5-7 miles in uneven, rocky terrain but doesnt look terrible. Danner is probably going to get my money this year I suppose. Waterproof would be good here.

    A good fleece full zip with decent wind resistance. I keep one of these in the jeep 24/7 and my current is WORN. I want to invest a little more and go grey instead of navy this year.

    A synthetic long sleeve button up. I like hiing with one of these as my top layer because I can roll sleeve, unbutton the front and eventually take off as I heat up. My chambray works well but when it gets wet, its useless. I hate all of the plaid patterns and huge rear vents that the popular ones have so this has been a problem for me for a while.

    A navy jacket, probably a bomber style. I had quilted bomber that I really liked but I left it in a buddy's car last year and havent seen it since. I missed the boat on the Nordstrom Barbour one and Im ticked off lol. warm, compact, and water repellent are key here.

    possibly a more neutral rain jacket. I have two for hiking but both are orange or moistly orange for visibility. Meh

    For this kind of stuff I usually hit REI or Huckberry. REI actually has some functional stuff that still looks decent. Huckberry kicks up the style a notch but sometimes there's a performance trade off - sometimes but not always. I have one synthetic shirt for hiking - it's REI house brand and it has two front pockets and those straps with buttons that hold the rolled up arms in the rolled up position. The fit is actually decent, surprisingly, but it looks kind of like a safari shirt...not sure that's great style-wise. I have some foot issues and have given up trying to find anything that's stylish and capable of handling real trail hiking comfortably for me. My current hikers are Oboz Bridgers - tried a bunch of different brands and their last fit my foot the best.

    What I do if I'm going somewhere after the hike that requires more style is throw a second pair of shoes or boots (say my Chippewas) - and socks - in the trunk of the car. My feet are inevitably sweaty after a hike and it feels good to change into fresh socks and shoes that aren't saturated with sweat when I get back tot he car anyway. Even if I'm not going anywhere after a hike I'll often throw a pair of sneakers and a second pair of socks in the trunk just to change into something fresh for the drive home.

    I got a great sweater at REI last year from a brand named Sherpa Adventure Gear. Windproof fleece...that was a thing for a while in the mid to late 1990s when we hit the first peak-fleece wave. Then fleece kind of fell out of favor style-wise for a while and those disappeared. I would imagine someone is making them again because fleece is back, and although it insulates well it sucks at blocking wind.

    Huckberry has a lot of elevated look stuff that handles technical stuff well. I generally try to peruse their sale section because full price their stuff is not cheap, but then neither is REI for that matter. Their Proof Rover pant got rave reviews in Outside Magazine for looks and functionality, then sold out in about 5 minutes. Last thing I bought from them was a winter jacket from Roark Revival - the Axeman Jacket. I really like it - Roark's DWR coating is top notch, it's insulated with poly-fleece with a flannel lining and IMO it's a great casual jacket for cold rain/heavy wet snow. If it drops into the teens I usually grab my down parka but am good in the Axeman down through the 20s. I just checked and they are back in stock and Huckberry but two sizes have already sold out. Roark sells them on their own website too though so they may have more availability there.
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      I will take a look at huckberry, thanks. Currently I change footwear too and it might just stay that way. And yeah the safari shirt is the vibe I’m trying to avoid.