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Looking for: Lands End (Canvas) Madison Bike Blazer

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    Looking for: Lands End (Canvas) Madison Bike Blazer

    Long shot, I know, but hoping someone here might be able to help me out or point me in a direction.

    Maybe some of you will remember this product, I believe it was from the old Lands End Canvas line (does that date me? lol). It was a blazer that had some features that made it good for cycling/commuting.

    This is about the only place online I can find that still has some photos:

    First, I don't suppose anyone here owns one they'd want to sell, would they? Second, any idea where I could look for one of these, or any similar products out there that you might be aware of?

    Sheesh... this thing was from 2012/2013?!!! Glory days!

    i've been camping out trying to eek out and purchase little cache's of pre-stretchy everything Dockers Alphas in my size, which just happen to fit me like magic, as many things never do.

    i've been having the best luck finding them on ebay, poshmark, and sometimes randomly at TJ Maxx, 6pm or maybe other weird close out sites. Mostly success from, ebay though.


      I remember Lands' End Canvass. They got a lot of play around here back when I first discovered Dappered. No idea where to find that blazer though other than second hand websites like Ebay, poshmark, grailed etc.
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