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Help Matching a Suit With Another Suit?

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    Help Matching a Suit With Another Suit?

    Hi there y'all - I have a quick request (and yes, I know it won't be exact match).

    Anyway, my friend's little brother is getting married and it is admittedly extremely low key because of COVID. In any case, some of their plans changed and he needed two groomsmen - so he asked his brother and me 4 weeks before the wedding is scheduled. Not a lot of time.

    Lucky for me, I'm skinny, Bonobos was doing their warehouse sale, and I needed a navy suit anyway - so I grabbed the daily grind suit (

    However, groom's brother did not buy a suit before his size sold out - and now needs to find one elsewhere (and no, this guy is not a dress guy - he wears Nike shorts every day).

    In any case - does anyone have the Bonobos suit and know of another one where the color matches pretty closely? Blue is hard and I don't want us to look completely different. Mine hasn't shipped yet, so I can't take it to Men's Wearhouse or some shit to compare.

    Thanks in advance if you have any ideas!

    I don't own the Bonobos suit you purchased, but I have seen it in person in the store. From what I remember it definitely leans a bit more on the lighter shade of navy as opposed to a true navy. Bonobos also crops their jacket tails so yours will look a bit different even if he buy's the same color. It sounds like the groom's brother isn't going to care much about brand or quality, so perhaps just tell him to go to a Men's Wearhouse or a Jos. A Bank and find a cheap navy suit. I'd suggest getting matching ties and trying to match the color of your shoes as much as possible. That would help take away from the difference in suit color / style if there ends up being one.

    Also, I wouldn't be too concerned if you don't match. Considering the extremely short notice you were given the groom can't realistically expect you both to match perfectly. If he wanted that he should have provided you with a specific suit he wanted you both to buy.


      Thanks for the tips abh159 ! Groom's brother definitely won't care much, so I may head over to Men's Wearhouse on his behalf and take a look.

      And yeah - supposedly the bride flipped the script after some kind of fight with someone, so whatever. I doubt anyone will care much, either. Just want to do what I can! Thank you!