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Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket Charcoal Wool

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    Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket Charcoal Wool

    Good Morning, Everyone.

    I am contemplating a Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket in charcoal wool. I've not purchased from Taylor Stitch before.
    1. Does anyone have experience with the Gibson Jacket? (I know this is pre-order, but it looks like they've released this jacket in cotton, too.)
    2. What is your experience with product dimensions provided on the Taylor Stitch web site, either for the jacket or just generally? Do they really reflect the actual product dimensions? Unfortunately, the jackets are only available in S-M-L type sizing instead of tailored sizing.
    3. Is anyone aware of any products similar in style to this jacket that I should be cross-shopping?

    I've been looking for a jacket in this style for quite a while, but I haven't really found anything (at least not anything affordable to me). In particular, I would like a wool jacket cut in a sport coat style with four buttons, including a button under the lapel.

    I don't seem to be able to upload a picture, so here is a link to a site with a photo of the jacket...

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    I have a Gibson in charcoal cotton. TS’s fit guide is a bit goofy...the “large 42” fits a 44 chest, etc. I am a 44 chest, 36 waist, and the I would say the fit of these is traditional - too big in the mid section and I will need to have it tailored.
    As my tag name implies, I am a sucker for brands that cross tradional items with heavier fabrics. Having said that, I find TS expensive for what you get. Need to learn how to say no! Now, if I didn’t already own a waxed trucker...their new version looks pretty sweet...

    hope this helps.