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Best Jeans Nordstrom Carries (for the $)

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  • Loafer28
    I have a few pair of AG jeans that I like. There are a ton of different fits, so you might want to try them on before buying. Most have 2-3% stretch.

    I also have a pair of Rag and Bone that fit really well. They have a medium rise that I like. Fit 2

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  • ktm7
    started a topic Best Jeans Nordstrom Carries (for the $)

    Best Jeans Nordstrom Carries (for the $)

    I've recently lost some weight that has come with a ~3 inch drop in waist size, so when autumn rolls around I am going to be fresh out of luck on any decent fitting jeans in my dresser. I was thinking about using the Nordstrom anniversary sale to grab a decent pair or two while the prices are lowered. I don't have a specific budget, I have paid around $100 for Bonobos denim before and could pay that much or more if the quality was there but I'd obviously rather do so now than next week when they're back to full price.

    My issue: the denim section at Nordstrom's site is...overwhelming. Just a lot there, not a lot in the reviews to separate some of the brands from one another. Anyone have good experiences with one or more of the denim brands that Nordstrom carries for a pair of do-everything dark jeans? I'll throw in a quick note of personal preference which is that I don't mind a little bit of stretch but I very much like jeans that still feel like jeans and not like super-stretchy tech pants. Thanks in advance!