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Shirt collar choices for a round head

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    Shirt collar choices for a round head

    I don't have a super short head, but I've noticed that when I wear the very popular spread collar look, my head looks shorter and wider than in other clothes.

    I know the standard recommend is a point collar for round headed dudes to lengthen the face, but I really like the look of the collar points sitting under the lapel. Most point collars don't accomplish that.

    I see a couple shirt makers have "Italian" collar options which are basically just longer points. Would that accomplish my goal of a narrow spread but points under jacket? And/or would a long Italian collar be too much of a statement? I'm not looking to go full-blown sprezzatura, just balance my proportions.

    It might depend on whether you're wearing the collar open or with a tie. Fully closed with a tie I'm not sure any point collar is going to sit under your jacket lapel. They drop pretty much straight down and unless you go with a shirt with a collar that reaches your jacket button - which really would be extreme sprezz - your jacket is not going to hide the collar tips. There are some companies that make a semi-spread collar. Might be a happy medium that gets you what you're looking for.
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