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    Customer Service

    I've had a couple examples of good customer service this week, so I thought I'd start a thread about customer service experiences.

    A couple days ago, the day before my order came, I got a hand written note from LEC saying thank you for ordering and that everything was always guaranteed with a LEC specific email address to contact them if I needed anything.

    Today Banana Republic informed me that one of the sweaters I got during their 40% off sale was out of stock so they couldn't send it to me, offering me a 10% off code for a future purchase. I wrote back asking if they'd instead let me order a different color and apply the 40% off sale to that. They agreed and had me call their customer service number where the lady put the order through for me with the discount and waived the shipping cost.


    Nice to hear. I have had service hell lately. Well, it is exaggerated, but I paid for Express Shipping on a preorder from Best Buy and they said it would be here on release day. Now it is 10 days late. It would have been really appreciated to get it on release. The customer service people were nice but clueless and didn't help much.

    I was insulted when they sent me a $10 gift card off my next purchase to make up for the slow Express shipping. Really? I have to pay you again for something else later on to get my money back from the botched shipping job? No. So I called and they took the shipping charge off and said keep the online gift card.

    Now I am just desperately awaiting the package.

    On the bright side, I was at BR the other day and bought a sweater. The guy asked if I was a student before he charged me and I showed my ID for 15% off. I had forgotten the thread on here about that.



      bonobos has always impressed me with their customer service. V. generous return policy, fast shipping times, etc.



        I just wrote about some varying customer service experiences I had on a recent shopping excursion:

        Basically, BR's customer service was nonexistent. The best was at Club Monaco, followed by J. Crew and Nordstrom. I don't need much when I am in stores, but sometimes you want a little help.

        Online I would go with Bonobos. They've been a little slower recently for some reason, but generally they take care of me and seem happy to do it.



          LEC has the best. Seriously, call them sometime. They're ready and happy to help, and I've NEVER been put on hold. I've changed orders, added to them, etc and it's taken under 5 mins every time.



            @Daniel Yeah, I've been unimpressed with the level of service in store with BR, but the customer service rep on the phone was really good. I don't have any Club Monaco or Nordstroms here, unfortunately.

            @MagM I was really impressed to get a hand-written note from LEC. I mean, who hand writes notes anymore? It's just a little thing, but it was nice.



              Before I forget, I had another couple good customer service experiences.

              At the end of last week I noticed the seam under the arm of my Macy's rugby shirt was coming apart after only a couple washings. I took it in and, even without the receipt, the lady in the menswear area was able to trade it out for me for a new one.

              Also, last night I was on the phone with the Bonobos ninja's and they were very helpful and were trying to get their backend system working enough to get an order through when I finally got the checkout page to work on my iPad and got the order through. I had a nice conversation with one of the ninjas who turned out to be from a town near where I live now.



                I emailed Bonobos last week to enquire about the Sebago Beacons since they were taken off their website. The CS rep that replied told me they still had a few in the office and gave me the list of sizes, but besides that, he linked me to 3 other unaffiliated stores that did have them in stock,



                  I ordered a cotton suit from IndoChino and with much anticipation received it... and I just didn't like it. The pants were too tight and the jacket was too big plus the material had a sheen to it that was disappointing. It definitely in the least had to be remade but I would have still been left with a suit that I just couldn't be thrilled with. So why is this here? They truly lived up to their return policy and allowed me to return it with no hassle whatsoever. For a custom product, I think thats fantastic. The refund was prompt and in full, so I was only in the end out of pocket with the return shipping to Canada.

                  So while this was disappointing at first, I have to say I'm really impressed with the way the company handled this. I am definitely going to give them a try again down the line with one of their wool suits which I've heard good things about.



                    On the bad customer service side I ordered some socks from Topman almost a month ago. I wrote them about it last week since I hadn't received it. Yesterday they finally responded that they can't track shipments to the US (they're in the UK) so I should check with my post office.

                    No idea if it will come at this point. Glad it was just a cheapish 5 pack of socks, although I was looking forward to some more colorful socks.



                      Well my good experience with IndoChino has just been YingYanged by Neiman Marcus and their LastCall site. I bought a pair of the Double-Monkstraps (same brown ones that Dappered posted) and they arrived today. Looked GREAT when I peaked at them at my work.

                      I went to try them on this evening only to discover they have sent me two left shoes, one size 9.5 and one size 10. I called the customer service number and the rep actually laughed when I told him. Tonight is Tuesday... he has set up a call for FedEx to come pick them up FRIDAY and he said all I could do was 'put a note in the box saying you need both a left and a right shoe." I told him I didn't understand why Friday when its Tuesday now, but he said he couldn't do any sooner and said he couldn't give me a label to drop them off myself.

                      I asked him if I could go ahead and order the correct size and was willing to pay for them upfront so that I didn't miss out on them, since I knew they sold out. At first he said yes but then he said he couldn't do it, they were only available in-store. Again, I asked him if he could order those for me and he said yes... and then said no, and told me the whole note in the box spiel again. "So I'm supposed to wait till Friday to send these back, for you to get them, then hope that someone will read a note and order these shoes from a store that you're saying is impossible for you, the customer service rep, to order from?". Eventually after going in circles he gave me the number to a store that he said had stock in my size. "Will they honor the discounted price I got?" - "Maybe, if not you can put a note in the box..."

                      He said no one else was there to talk to and when I asked if they could make any considerations for the hassle he declined. I'm not rude or the type of person to demand something or fish for a gift certificate, but this is one of the few times I'd expected at least some effort or consideration for the hassle. We'll see where calling the store gets me tomorrow, I'm pretty disappointed.



                        That's pretty horrible. They should have done the calling for you and shipped things out to you before they got those back from you.



                          Well, of all the places I called - the 1-800 #, local stores, I actually ended up receiving excellent customer service via LastCall's online chat support.

                          I talked to someone who was quick and precise, got me a list of stores that had the shoes actually in stock. I was able to call a store in New Jersey and get the shoes ordered. And it kind of worked out okay because when they sent me two left ones, they sent a 10 (ordered) and a 9.5 and the 9.5 fit better (but wasn't ever available online) and I was able to order a pair of 9.5s from the store. In the end I had to pay $7 for shipping and wasted a couple hours on the phone but they're nice and I feel worth a little leg work.



                            About a week ago someone mentioned a sale on Bonobos pants in the Deals thread and I responded that I would have taken advantage of the deal if Bonobos had processed my return and issued my store credit. Someone suggested that I contact them and ask them about it and possibly receive instant credit.

                            I decided against that and instead figured I would give them an extra week before I contacted them (not wanting to be labeled as a bothersome customer having contacted them many times before). I wasn't really in any hurry to purchase anything as they offer sales pretty regularly.

                            So today (about 3 weeks since the returned product was received by Bonobos) I emailed the Ninjas about the returned order just to make sure everything was fine. One of the Ninjas contacted me within the hour apologizing for the situation and explaining that they were having technical difficulties. Not only did he locate my return and issue me store credit, he actually gave me a VERY generous 'bonus' credit for being patient.

                            Can't really ask for better customer service than that.



                              Yeah, the ninjas are pretty awesome customer service reps