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    Best casual polo?

    I'm looking for a casual polo that I can wear with jeans or khakis. The problem I've had with polos in the past is they're too long when untucked and pushing comparison to a dress. Would like to find a brand that has a trim fit as well.

    I am 5'10" and 145 lbs.


    Joe has touted the virtues of the Express signature polo here:

    and here:

    I'm just about the same size as you and have also had trouble finding polos that fit to my liking in the past. This summer I tried on the express signature polo in store and couldn't believe how well it fit. What I found in store wasn't exactly the same as in the above reviews (4 button with contrasting placket), but the fit and stretch cotton material were as good as advertised. I picked up all five colors (black, white, grey, navy, light blue) online and these polos immediately replaced their ill-fitting non-breathable predecessors in my closet. Not sure if they're available in store or online atm (the site is down), but if not they will likely make a reappearance in the spring/summer.



      I like the classic knitted cotton fabric and for colors I stick with black, navy, white, or gray. Not a fan of the jersey/pima smooth fabric polos.

      I liked the Gap Essential polo, but it appears the buttons have changed (mine are a black sort of color):

      If you are up for a Casino Royale splurge, Sunspel offers the Riviera Polo worn by Daniel Craig in their permanent collection:

      I'm interested in suggestions from this thread, myself. I'd like to try out some others. I have a couple of Target Merona polos, but the Gap seem more classic and better-fitting to me.



        If you're in Canada TipTop sells a Grafton line of products, their polo is hands down the best material and it's plain as can be with no logos (I have various jcrew, lands end, nike, pebble beach etc for material compare)



          for the mall stores:

          -H&M stretch cotton, soft cheap, fit well for the price of 10ish (don't remember exactly)

          -BR luxe touch, much softer, but you'll need to size down, a small should be good for the trimmer fit



            I've been really happy with the Bonobos polos. I'm about 6' 195 and they fit me great.



              Agree with robwellman, bonobos makes very good polos, both in fit and material. Way too expensive though, I try to snag them when they cut the price in half.

              As someone who loves polo's, here's my take on a few I've tried over the past summer and the experiences I had with them.

              BR Luxe Touch - really liked them on my first wear, after washing them a few times they lost their shape completely, collar also flops a lot whidh sucks. Also, put them in the drier by accident and you won't be wearing it again. I ended up tossing all the ones I bought from the spring.

              Express signature - Paper thin, did not like it one bit. Also, very suspectible to shrinkage. I don't think this is something that goes with chinos either, more of a jean type shirt.

              J-crew Factory slub - After several wears and gentle washes, lost it's shape completely. In the future I"m staying away from all jersey cotton or slub cotton polo's. Although they feel great, they do not hold their shape well.

              My game plan going forward is going to be waiting on stuff to hit Bonobos sale section, and just rebuild my collection that way.



                savoy- yeah BR's collars are some of the flimsiest, but bonobos does seem pricey. Is nordstrom the only way to try locally?



                  @goterps - yes, but I believe Bonobos has free returns. I like my BR Luxe Touch but I agree about the floppiness



                    interesting...just looked at the bonobos site. The polos resemble the AF fit, but without the moose and slightly too thick button up area. AF fits me well...but well you know .



                      I've heard good things about Kent Wang polos. They're cheaper than the Sunspels. Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Fits do the trick if you're okay with logos and can find them on sale/at Marshalls.



                        Oh yeah, can't believe I forgot Kent Wang! I've heard they're amazing - cutaway, reinforced collar, and MOP buttons I believe.



                          hmm interesting watch on that kent site. Anybody here own one with a pic of the fit on the polos?



                            I've not seen anybody post a pic or mention having it. You may have better luck on StyleForum with that question.



                              I recently sent an e-mail to Kent Wang's site asking about the fit of his polos, and I got a very nice note back from Kent himself! I'm 6'1" and 190 and usually wear either a large or extra large polo in RL custom fit, and Kent suggested I go with an extra large since his polos are cut slimmer. His shipping isn't free but it is pretty reasonable ($4 for one polo sent first class mail) so I might try both sizes and return what doesn't work. His collars look interesting - kind of a spread collar look on a polo, which I think looks sharp.