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    I'm having flashback to my horrible quantitative analysis teacher in college when I say, "It depends." I think the general consensus on when to service is 3-5 years, however there are other factors to take into consideration. For example, my modern watches from manufactures which are not going to disappear, I may stretch it out to 8-10 years or until their is a problem. However, I understand the service may cost more because once the oil dries because you're left with metal rubbing, or grinding, on metal. When this happens your'e looking at replacing parts. For this reason, I would strongly consider servicing a vintage watch, which can be difficult to find replacement parts, closer to the 3 year mark. With inexpensive watches, I'll consider servicing or trashing when they stop working.

    Some watches are becoming increasingly difficult to service through 3rd party watchmakers. Rolex only shares their parts with a select few authorized repair shops and Omega has recently done something similar. Additionally, some movements, like the Omega Co-Axial, necessitate someone who is certified on the movement or you're playing with fire. Hamilton uses primarily ETA movements, which are robust and have been around for a long time. Thus, it's easy to get parts and having them serviced locally is easy.


      I have had my 38mm kahki auto for...I dont remember how long. Years. Never serviced and I bought it used. Now, I dont wear it every day or anything, thats for sure. But the only reason for super frequent servicing is if you need it to be drop dead accurate.