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Merino V neck sweaters - color suggestions?

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    Merino V neck sweaters - color suggestions?

    What colors are must haves in your wardrobe?

    I do not have any sweaters just yet but have been keeping an eye out to pick some up.

    Colors I have in mind:

    - Grey

    - Black

    - possibly Navy

    what do you guys think of either a green or maroon as opposed to navy?


    Burgundy, green, brown, oatmeal and a light blue for spring.

    I have all of those colors in either v, crew, or cardigan

    Think about contrasting against the color of your pants.



      burgundy, purple, violet, red, light blue, blue, navy, oatmeal, brown, green, forest green, orange, off white, gray, light gray, dark gray, charcoal.

      Like Chris, I have these in V, crew or cardigans



        I have navy, brown, tan, charcoal and burgundy. I'm thinking about getting purple and light grey.



          Respect to Acoustic foodie's knitwear collection!



            thx guys! so pretty much....all the colors haha.

            - none of you guys have black?



              Grey, tan, light blue, wine, navy, navy w/ argyle. Black is the least versatile I'd think.



                White shirt

                Vibrantly colored sweater

                Dark sport coat

                You'll look better than anybody.



                  I have a whole bunch. I'm weeding some out, but I'm probably going to echo a lot of others and say that I find the colors that get used most frequently are: navy, burgundy, charcoal, olive, light gray, deep green, deep brown, camel/tan, and uh... what LEC calls "sorrel." You could substitute sorrel out for really any orangey/clay kind of deeper, fall colors, but I really love the one I've got and it works great with any other color I'm realistically going to layer it with (e.g. white, light blue, brown). But yeah, those nine pretty much form the basis of my wardrobe for a good chunk of the year.



                    I have black, light blue, yellow, and light grey crewnecks. Burgundy, navy, navy argyle, grey argyle, oatmeal argyle v-necks (yes...lots of argyle, it was before I realized a plain would look better). I think green/forest green is an underrated color.



                      For all the guys who have posted here about their merino sweaters (V-neck or crewneck) I have a related question, which brand has pill-ed (sp?) the least for you? I bought three Target Merona merino V-necks last year (for about $25) and I love the fit, weight and look but they pill quite a bit. I have to de-pill about once a month if I don't want to look too fuzzy. I have a few thrifted sweaters that don't pill but those are either lambswool (a Brooks Brothers and a J Crew) or cashmere (a Pringle).