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Smart watches and the pandemic

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    One more point on this -- When you wear a smart watch, you are surrendering so much more of your privacy. In particular, your personal health data is now available to Google and others.


      Yeah that is something I think about. I use Garmin for all of my workouts. So Garmin has heart rate, routes I take, etc. Definitely a lot of personal info. I suppose that's the unwritten rule/cost of using a device to track my speed, heart rate, workouts, etc. I would prefer to keep the information on my local hard drive, but Garmin removed that functionality years ago.


        Originally posted by rdsmith3 View Post
        I had a smart watch for several years, and a fitbit before that. I went back to analog watches. For me, a smart watch is just one more thing to charge, update, etc. It makes me more of a slave to technology because it is one more device that is giving me alerts, text messages, phone calls, and so on. Life is simpler with a phone and a regular watch.
        Yes and no.

        For me, personally, I have a Pebble Time Steel and it is THE thing that keeps me sane. I don't like being on my phone during the day, and I can tell at a glance of the wrist whether that buzz in my pocket is urgent or ignorable. I also use timers a lot with my kids and sometimes Pomodoro tracking, I use it for Google Auth, voice texting, and a host of other things, all with my phone in my pocket or my desk. It also lasts 7-10 days on a charge, something newer smartwatches can't come close to. I charge it for a little over an hour once a week, and I'm good to go.

        In my experience, it makes my life so much simpler to have one.