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    Hello fellow Dappered readers!

    My name is Spencer and I'm an undergrad studying accounting. I've recently landed a position that requires me to dress business casual five days a week. Being a college student, my arsenal of dress clothing is rather limited. Right now I'm looking for some fitted shirts and pants that will serve me well through these next couple of years. I just ordered two pairs of the Lands End Year Rounders ( ) in true navy and black, but could use another pair or two. I really could use some dress shirts too..I have two plain white shirts, two light blue shirts, and the Target black white pinstripe shirt featured on Dappered.

    Any places you could recommend I check out first for some shirts for a decent price? Lands End?

    Thank you so much for your help,



    Target, land's end canvas, and resurgent JC Penny.



      Old Navy is another great source for cheap clothes.




        Target, Old Navy, Macy's, Tjmax. You can find some nice stuff at stores like macys and tjmax. The Macys by me has Brooks Brothers shirts for a real low price. CK fitted shirts for $15, etc.

        Don't underestimate thrift stores, my local good will has a whole wall of dress shirts and pants for $7 a pop.



          JCPenny has been much better lately. Target makes good cheap dress shirts. Check Marshalls and thrift stores.

          Lands End + 30% off sale prices = good deals on quality dress shirts.

          Return the black Year Rounders and get charcoal or light gray. Black = bleh.



            Thanks guys for the recommendations. I'll be sure to give all those places another look through. As for thrift stores, I always try, but never manage to find anything worthwhile. Perhaps I'm just not looking for the right things...or in the wrong locations.

            @LosRockets I was starting to rethink my decision on the black pair. Should be coming in the mail tomorrow, so at least I can double check the fit. I will probably end up going with one of your suggestions then. Would those look best with a black or brown shoe? I own these....,dsw4cat70002 ... (mine may be the year prior's model).



              If you have a Kohls nearby, check it out. While most of their clothing is more along the casual side of things, they do have a fairly nice selection of dress shirts. While none of them are top notch by any means (they're actually pretty cheap), they're cut well most of the time and are moderately durable. They won't last forever but they'll get you started until you get some cash rolling. Kohls has been my store of choice the past 2-3 years because I wanted to take more pride in my appearance as I lost weight, but I didn't want to waste a lot of money in the mean time. Now that I'm in a good job and am at my goal weight with WeightWatchers (and a lifetime member now), I'm starting to really invest in my clothing. Kenneth Cole, Thomas Pink, Varvados.... someday soon, piece by piece I'll assemble the staples of a well made, classic wardrobe. ::sigh::

              If you live in a state that has one, Elder Beerman is a great place to shop as well. They're not very widespread though. Mostly the northern half of the US, coast to coast.



                @Adam - I don't think Thomas Pink is worth the money unless you're thrifting it. No doubt the shirts are really nice, but you have to ask if theyre *that much* nicer for you than Charles Tyrwhitt, etc. If you can afford Thomas Pink, you can probably afford to get MTM shirts online, and oftentimes these come with more perks, fit you way better, and are made the way you like.

                As you start to assemble a wardrobe, websites like Dappered and Effortless Gent (and to an extent Put This On, although much of it is higher-end) will help you identify what brands make good clothes vs. what brands are good with their marketing. Sometimes these two overlap, but not necessarily.



                  @LosRockets: Oh I know. I am however a big fan of the look Matt Bomer's stylist puts together for him on White Collar and most of his shirts are TP. I only want to replicate a couple of the looks exactly. Just a shirt or two.



                    Modern Tailor trial shirt may be worth a look ($30)

                    and make sure to watch groupon for various MTM makers offering deals, people usually post them here if they are and you can get shirts for ~$33