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    Thick guy style help


    l have been a regular to the site for a few months now and love the tips and style advice. So thank you!

    I am however new to the discussion thread - as this is my first post - and haven’t had too much time to read through the different posts and topics.

    With all that said, I am looking for some style help for my body type. I am a decent looking early 30’s single male professional type, but am a hefty bastard. I am 6ft 250, but more of a thick/broad 250 that I mostly carry in my gut. Many people say I “carry my weight well” for whatever the fuck that means. It’s a solid fat and not loose/flabby. I played sports growing up so have broader shoulders, and athletic legs.

    Anyway, TMI probably but is there any one here that can relate or help give some advice on types of jeans/pants/Shorts/polos/chinos/shirts I should be buying? What types of cuts/fits that could help me look my best? I have recently gotten out of a long term relationship and want to confidently re-enter the dating scene and not feel clueless on how to dress. I sometimes feel like a lot of the Great stuff recommended on this site would be too small for me and hug my midsection.

    Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated and in the mean time I will be better about getting my fat ass on a treadmill. Thanks

    So, as someone with thunder thighs and a big butt, I would definitely reccomend getting athletic fit pants. They'll have enough room in the thigh and butt for your legs, but also taper down after the knees for a more modern look. Some good ones are Banana Republic Mason Fit, Naked and Famous Easy Guy Fit, Levis 541, and Lucky Brand 410 fit, but any brands Athletic or Athletic Tapered fits should work. Just try on a bunch and see what looks best. I find that sizing up two in the wast works for slim fit pants. For example, I wear a 34 X 30 in banana republic's mason fit, but I can also do a 36 X 30 in J. Crews 484 slim fit.

    As far as style goes, its all up to you, and what you want to look like. I personally think the workwear/americana look works well for bigger dudes. I think my favorite example is the reddit user casechopper, who was interviewed here back in 2016:

    Also check out bigdudeindenim on instagram for some additional inspo.


      Fellow thiccums here: 6'4", ~300 lbs, and have also heard the "you carry it well" comment which i think just means I have broad shoulders. I don't think this advice is specific for big guys (really just for people who have trouble finding clothes that fit), but one thing I'll do is try a bunch of different fits from different brands, and once I find something that fits the way I like it, I buy a bunch of different iterations of it. I've also gotten really comfortable with returns, since most of my clothing shopping these days is online, and I'll usually initially buy way more items than I actually intend on keeping.

      As far as brands, It's not for everyone (and certainly on the casual side), but I've historically had decent luck with L.L. Bean "slightly fitted" cuts. L.L. Bean definitely runs large, but the slightly fitted cuts, while still kind of generous, fit a bit trimmer. For jeans and chinos, I've had recent luck with Gap, slim straight cut (I think). I've always told myself that one of these days I'm going to head to a Brooks Brothers and figure out my ideal size and cut for shirts (since I think they have something like 4 different fits), and stock up on oxford cloth button downs. I find OCDBs to be among the more flattering of shirt choices for big guys.

      Just some kind of random musings...


        Ethan Newton (owner of Brycelandco) has a bodytype similar to what you describe, and looks good. Check out his IG for ideas. His stuff is all very expensive though. Aside from him, #menswear is pretty devoid of stuff for us bigger guys unfortunately. For your reference, I'm about 5'9" 220-230 myself, mostly in my shoulders and butt/thighs, but my midsection has about 1-2" extra too. I wear a 44R - 46R suit jacket and 36-38 pants, with 31" inseam. Shirt size is 17.5 x 35, and L - XL in letter-sized garments.

        Some things that work for me:

        Spier and Mackay, no doubt about it. Biggish shoulders and a bit of taper down the middle without getting too slim. Length is perfect too; you don't want a polo that fits your width but then is really long.
        Also, my favorite long sleeve polos are actually from Jos A Bank. Quality is fine for the $ and the fit is surprisingly not boxy. Very affordable, which might be handy for someone like who is getting back into the dating world and probably buying a bunch of items at once, but unclear as to what exactly you like.

        Dress shirts:
        Charles Tyrwhitt and TM Lewin slim fit are both forgiving of a midsection bulge without looking too billowy, and with their multibuy deals are good for people revamping a wardrobe.
        Lands End shirts in slim fit are great. Lots of smart-casual patterns, quality is fine, again not too billowy even when accounting for big shoulders.
        Brooks Bros shirts are popular but I found them overpriced for what they are, and the fits are not so great, as even the slim "Regent" fit is quite billowy by the time you get up to a 17.5" neck. The seem to have more of the loose-flabby guy in mind.

        Casual pants:
        Levis 541, and I think everyone here will agree. It's got a bit of stretch in the fabric and is roomy in the waist/butt/thighs but without a bunch of sad extra material below the knees.
        Chinos are a bit more complicated. I wear both the Clark and Hudson fits from Brooks Bros. Clark can be snug to the point of discomfort, but it's got a bit of spandex, which helps a lot. The real problem is the inconsistent sizing. Their Hudson fit is more relaxed but a fuller cut. Depending on your taste you might find it a bit old-mannish, but I find it balances a big upper body.

        Dress trousers:
        Definitely in the minority here but I like to wear higher rise pleated pants that come up to your natural waist (around bellybutton height) with suspenders. What you don't want are trendy lower rise pants with a waistband that your belly flops over. Looks bad and feels bad. With suspenders, you can get your pants a bit bigger, so that even when you sit down and your stomach bulges out a bit, it will still feel comfortable. My favorite is Santorelli, simply because they're one of the few people making pants this way off the rack.... Also, and this is surprising, my Indochino pants feel great. Seems like a lot of people have a bad experience with them but they dialed my template in just right.

        Tailored garments:
        My best fitting off the rack suits are plain old Hart Schaffner Marx from Nordstrom. Pants are full cut, and the jackets are roomy in the chest and shoulders, but not too boxy. Shoulders have some padding but not so much that it looks weird on top of already broad shoulders. They also have a "soft" collection with minimally padded shoulders. A good tailor can work with that and dial everything else in. One thing I've noticed is that jackets with a lower top button are more comfortable when buttoned up. If the button is too high, it tends to ride up the belly until stopping at the corner where your chest stops and the belly starts. A lower button that buttons about 1" above your belly button allows the jacket to hang smoothly. Looks good feels good.

        You need a good tailor. It's not enough for them to be a good technician with needle and thread. They really need to have an eye for proportion, to make sure everything isn't just well-sewn but looks good on you specifically..


          Yeah, great thread here. How frustrating is it that Spier and Mackay suits only go to 46? I feel y'all. I've got the middle-age, former athlete, big guy build too. I'm always on the lookout for a "go to" spot for stylish and reasonably priced clothes. I can't say I've found the honey hole yet. I do really like the Hart Schaffner Marx and Brooks Bros tailored stuff I've found on e-bay and thrifting, but the new duds are a little too spendy for me. JC Penny has some okay stuff and a decent Big and Tall selection. I've had okay luck on Amazon too. For jeans, I really like my Levi 501 STF. I get it a little big, and it shrinks right up to my size. The straight fit is not too tight, not too baggy. For chinos, I'm still on the hunt and will have to check out some of the suggestions here.

          Here's a few general thoughts on looking good and confident and all that good stuff. For us big guys, its all about focusing attention on the shoulder and up and away from mid-section and down. Visually accentuating the "V-shape" is a core component of all men's wear, but critical for us. Frankly, nothing makes me look as good as a well-tailored suit. If a suit is appropriate, and I really want to look my best, that 's what I go for. I've been happily married for a long time, but I suppose if I were suddenly back in the dating market, I would wear a suit on a first date. Maybe without a tie, or otherwise dressed down. But a suit. If I want a similar effect, but a little more personality, then sport coat and odd trousers is great. Sport coats are awesome. Random people call me "sir" when I wear a sport coat with jeans. Amazing.

          I really think the key is a smooth transition between upper body and lower body. The skirt of a suit jacket or sport accomplishes that best, but non-tailored jackets and untucked button-up shirts can work too farther down the formality spectrum. Avoid a sharp contrast between upper and lower. No loud belts. If I'm not wearing a suit or jacket, I tuck my shirt advisedly and try to keep a low contrast between my shirt, pants, and belt. The next key is highlighting the face. Again, suits rock, especially with a tie. A tie is like a visual trail right up to the face. Without a tie, I like a button down collar with a little height that frames my face well. With a t-shirt or henley, I stick to solid colors, especially dark colors, rather than a graphic tee. I want people looking at my face, not the witty saying or silly picture on my belly. So my advice kind of boils down to - wear a suit, but if you can't/won't, then dress with "suit-like" characteristics. Bonus thought: keep your EDC slimmed down or stowed in a bag or something. Bulky Bat Utility Belts and overstuffed pockets are not flattering, especially for us big'uns.