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Shoulder jacket issue

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  • Shoulder jacket issue

    I just bought a new Jcrew Ludlow suit. I love it but I am having an issue with the shoulders where it seems they are rolling and not laying flat. Is this a fit issue or maybe from the way it was shipped and will steam out? Thanks.

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    It's hard to say, especially only seeing it from the front. Whether there are additional bends or pulls across the back would be informative.

    The fact the issue is symmetrical makes it less probable that it's a mis-cut or mis-sewn seam. Is this your first Ludlow suit? If so, it may be a matter of your shoulder shape not matching the pitch of the jacket sleeves.

    That the issue is worse on the side with the arm hanging down, and with a noticeable horizontal divot at the top of the sleeve, suggests that it's not a packing issue. To get those kind of bends usually require tension, like your neck forcing the collar down. That said, carefully steam ironing at low heat with a pressing cloth could answer that question. Use the narrow end of the ironing board to flatten the shoulder a bit, then put it on while it's still hot so that it forms to you as it cools.


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      I would bring it to your trusted tailor as he will be examine it in person and give you some ideas.