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    Watch "types"

    I'll preface my specific question by saying that despite reading/viewing many, many things on-line, I am still not entirely sure what makes a watch a certain "type" (besides a dive or dive-style watch). For example, I always thought this was a "field watch."

    But then I recently saw it referred to as a "pilot watch." Which is it? Would a "pilot strap" (with the rivets on the ends) go well with this watch? Would love to have some opinions on what makes a watch a certain type of watch (another example--I also have a Promaster Tough which I have seen referred to as a "field watch," yet it lacks arabic numerals or 24 hour time). Is it just the case that large companies like Citizen and Seiko make so many watches that they inevitable make hybrid styles?

    Which watch are you linking to?

    Pilot watches can vary a lot, because different types of watches have been made for pilots. There are simple pilot watches that look at lot like field watches and have no complications. There are also several complications that are potentially useful for a pilot that are put in every possible combination into watches.


      Citizen BM8478-01L Here is a different link:

      Arabic numerals, day/date, slightly over sized 12 and 5.


        I’m not sure if this answers your question because I’m not sure what your specific question was/is, but from what I understand the traditional differences between pilot and field watches are:

        Pilot - will typically be larger (42mm+), have a large easy to read luminous dial (similar to an airplane dial), and may also include an international time zone ring.

        Field - will typically be more durable and utilitarian/rugged looking (think nato strap or very casual leather), simple plain no frills dial, and may include 24 hr scale.

        All that being said we live in an age where you don’t have to be a pilot to wear a pilot watch or a deep see explorer to wear a dive watch. Therefore most affordable watch companies will just slap pilot or field or whatever on the title as a marketing gimmick.


          like most things in life, labels will always have exceptions. I wouldn't call that citizen strictly field or pilot. The hands and lack of a 12-24 hour ring makes me lean pilot though. In my experience, pilot watches often try to emulate a gauge. big bold hands, easy to read numbers, larger dial. Field are usually smaller and have the 12-24 ring for military time. All generalities of course. I do think it would look good with a typical pilot strap.

          There is the matter of personal opinion or uninformed error. Just because someone on the internet calls a thing a thing, doesnt make it that thing. I have seen the tough referred to as a field watch. I would just call it a sport watch, personally. Citizen doesnt call it a field watch., I dont think.