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Light outerwear options

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    Light outerwear options

    I moved to North Florida from Miami and I realized it actually gets kinda cold here. 41 degrees this morning which I consider cold and it'll drop a bit more. I know this isn't cold enough for quilted jackets or peacoats, so what I'm looking for is a jacket that can be a layer with either sweaters under or bigger jackets over. Essentially, something to wear every day.

    Fit is paramount. I want something that hits close to the body and short like a trucker jacket (already have one). I'm a cyclist so i have a narrow, but not lanky build, 5'11 155 lbs. Since I'll be wearing it everyday, I'd like it to be a neutral colors, either navy blue or grey (I'd prefer it to not be black). My budget is a max of $200. Like I said, I already have a trucker jacket, but I wear a lot of jeans, and don't like to rock the tux too often, so I basically want something that offers the same coverage/protection as a trucker jacket, but not made of denim or leather.


    Everyday Casual Fall jacket

    Close fit and short

    protects about as much as a trucker jacket

    Blue or Grey

    not leather


    give me some options!



    I got this about six weeks ago and like it a lot.

    I am about 5'8" and 140 lbs, I got a size small and it fits well. A medium might work well for you.

    My only concern would that it might be too lightweight for what you are looking for. Either way, good luck!