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Brooks Brothers likely to close remaining U.S. factories

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    I came across this NYT article about Brooks Brothers closing its U.S. factories as part of its impending bankruptcy filing that reinforces my point about MIUSA being a niche, economically unsustainable market. Two quotes from BB CEO illustrates the point:

    “There are a very small percentage of our customers who told us they really care about ‘Made in America,’” he said. “The vast majority of customers care more about quality and service than where a product is made. When we look at the sales, we really don’t see a lot of reason to believe we would be penalized. I think we — I — am more sorry about closing the factories than the customers will be.”

    “The factories never made money for us, and at this moment all resources need to be maintained and saved to make sure we can come out on the other side of the crisis.”


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      Public policy! Close enough?
      I'll allow it.

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