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    COVID Update

    As I woke up this AM and threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, I was wondering where others are now that most have settled into a new routine, and as some are starting to re-open.

    Suits - haven't worn a single one since March 13th.
    Jackets - same.
    Collared shirts - haven't worn one since end of March for a teleconference.
    Cardigans/house sweater - I've worn that a lot more around the house as it's easy to take off and on when getting hot/cold.
    Sweats/pants I wouldn't be in outside under normal circumstances - realized I only have 2 pairs I like and I prob need to add some more.
    Clothing purchases - none since March. My wife purchased more telework/casual type clothing as they will be home until end of June.

    We have video/teleconferences almost every day. I haven't noticed a single other person wearing a suit and if a collared shirt it's the dad shirt over a t-shirt unbutton etc. I went from wearing suits/jackets daily to not even touching them and considering adding more lounge type clothing (athletic pants, gym shorts, t-shirts, etc.) as we enter the summer. What about you?

    I normally prefer to wear full length trousers versus shorts, shoes and socks versus sandals, and long sleeve shirts with collars, but as the weather heats up here in Southern California, it is so much easier on the AC bill to give in and wear shorts, t-shirts, and sandals or loafers with no-show socks.

    Also, this stay at home thing, coupled with another medical problem that popped up unexpectedly on March 5 (that they wouldn't fix because it's not life threatening, but is bad enough to limit my ability to exercise) is getting me a bit depressed--I've gained about 10 pounds. It all adds up to me not caring so much about what I wear.

    When we have a video conference, I just phone it in.


      Pajama pants and t-shirt around the house, minus days when Arts and Crafts occur, then I'm usually in jeans and some sort of boot.

      Averaging 1-2x a week at least heading in for an hour or two to the office since being told "work from home" (last day in office was 13 March). Usually suit up or at least throw a jacket and collared shirt on for that. Mostly because I can get away with it.


        Now that it is warming up in the south, I've been in a t-shirt and shorts most days and either sneakers or slippers depending on if I'm inside or outside. At night I'll throw on pants or a pullover to let the dogs out since it's still a little cool once the sun goes down. I just don't see the point in wearing more than that since I'm staying inside 99% of the time. Plus why add extra items that I'm having to launder each week? I've mentioned this on a few other threads about the same topic.

        For what it's worth, my company has been WFH since the first week of March and I have still yet to see anyone wear a collared shirt on a video call. I'm in at least 2 of those each day including several with our CEO and other C-Suite level executives.


          Now, work from home is not a new thing for me. I have been working from home 2 days a week even before the lock down. I always wear shorts and a polo, no footwear inside the house. I attend video confs that way. Haven't worn a dress shirt, jacket or suit in a while.


            My meeting schedule has increased since we're all at home (didn't even think that was possible) and they're all video, so I'm still wearing a button up shirt most days. Occasionally I'll wear a polo but I would do that in the office from time-to-time, especially in the summer, so nothing's really changed. I know I'm old-school, but my thinking has always been, if I would't come to a meeting in person wearing a t-shirt, why would I come to a meeting on video in one. I'd probably wear shorts now that it's warmer except that my wife is in at least as many video meetings as I am and I'm within view of her camera, so I wear jeans or cords. For shoes, I wear my house shoes - technically slippers but in the "you-could-wear-them-to-the-store" category of slippers.

            I haven't purchased much lately, as I'm not entirely sure when all this ends and what I might need. I'm also still not over the fact that I bought a very expensive tuxedo in February, since we'd been going to so many black tie events, and now I'm not sure how long it will be until those come back.


              I haven't worn a suit in what? six weeks? Maybe seven?
              Wearing pants during the day is a non-starter. Shorts and nothing else!
              Shirts, I am flip flopping between collared shirts and t-shirts. Depends on the zoom meetings I am attending that day.
              Shoes? Yeah, I swapped out my winter boots for summer shoes a few weeks back. Still waiting to wear them.

              I am participating in way more meetings now though. My Outlook calendar has gone from having gaps throughout the day to pretty much being fully booked. I am starting to suffer a bit of zoom fatigue too. Calls that in the past would be simple phone calls are now zoom meetings. Everything is video conference this or video conference that. Ugh. What hell am I now trapped in?


                Like many of you, my meeting schedule has increased. Been going with button downs + sometimes sweaters for video calls with clients; more than that feels like overkill and less feels a little unprofessional.

                Now that it's getting warm, mostly t-shirt and shorts the rest of the time.


                  I wear a casual button up and jeans or chinos most days - but that's my normal weekend/off duty kit anyway. I'm talking a flannel, plaid poplin, western yoke denim, or OCBD with jeans or (most often worn chinos these days) F&T 365 pants. I have not worn a sports coat or suit since we went telework all the time. I do change into my lounge wear a lot earlier in the evening. We walk the dog sometime between 3 and 5 PM and it's good until bed time. Once that walk is done I change into either sweats. This will all change when it warms up here in the DC area - after our super-mild winter we've had a freakishly cold April and May so I'm still in long pants most days. That will change to shorts with a T shirt or polo when it warms up.
                  “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” – Mark Twain


                    Same as most of you. It's been real casual for me. Most days sweats and a tech T shirt. Whatever's comfortable.

                    I usually dial in to my meetings audio only. I don't know if it's just me, but I find Zoom/Teams video conferences very awkward and distracting. I am usually talking with people I've worked with on a regular basis, and I just don't see the need to stare at them staring at a computer, and I don't think they need to see me either (they know what I look like).

                    The worst part is seeing yourself in a little video box in the corner, it's just bizarre. Like having a conversation with someone while staring in a mirror. Screen share is a must for what I do, so I'm not knocking the technology, I love it. I just don't see a practical need in most cases for the video.

                    Now if I MUST do a video chat, I'll throw on a polo or something similar (am I wearing pants...I'll never tell!). I've even had calls with the firm's managing partner, who was in a casual shirt as well. Kind of refreshing to see people dressed down and comfortable. And I would say you would likely come off as trying too hard at best if you have a shirt and jacket on when you're clearly calling from your home office.


                      My job was winding down just before this all happened, so haven't had to dress up. Have had to go into the office a couple times, but more for cleanup duty, usually wearing jeans and a henley. Sometimes boots, sometimes sneakers.

                      At home, my apartment usually stay 75-80F (steam radiator), so I usually wear shorts. For the times it gets cooler, I started with sweatpants (Lulu and Rhone), but find I prefer my hiking pants (prAna Stretch Zion, Mountain Hardwear Chockstone, Outdoor Research Ferrosi ). Alternate between slippers and sandals, keep certain pairs for indoors only.

                      Have also been using my robe more vs house sweater. Have worn a casual button up once, for Easter Zoom with family. Have had a couple friends who dressed up for theme Zoom parties, but I haven't joined yet.

                      When I go out around the neighborhood it is usually JCrew shorts + random t-shirt + boat shoes.

                      Only recent purchase was 2 pair of the JCrew tech shorts during the recent sale.


                        If it's Zoom and involves business, I'm always in a jacket and tie. Had a dude in a conference yesterday telling everyone he was in shorts and a t-shirt because he was about to go fishing. I'm not going to be that guy.


                          Originally posted by Evenflow View Post
                          Had a dude in a conference yesterday telling everyone he was in shorts and a t-shirt because he was about to go fishing. I'm not going to be that guy.
                          Same here, and that never sits well with me. Like coming into the office wearing golf clothes because you have an afternoon tee time. What you have planned for later has nothing to do with the meeting you're in now.


                            I'm an attorney. If I have no video calls, I'm in whatever strikes my fancy that day. Today, I am in a pair of stretch jeans and a johnny cash t-shirt. If I have a zoom court appearance, I wear a suit. If I have a zoom call with the decision maker at a client (my clients are usually large corporations), I wear an OCBD and sport coat. If I have a zoom call with an employee at a client (I often have to conference calls with employees who are not the decision maker but have relevant info I need to collect), something with a collar (ocbd, polo, random button up, etc). Proper pants are optional but at the least I'll wear a pair of joggers or stretch jeans, so on the off chance I do something that reveals my lower half, I don't look like a total douche.

                            ... I miss the pre-COVID world when I think about how long it's going to be before I feel comfortable doing something simple like meeting colleagues for a happy hour.

                            what a shit show.


                              I was listening to the 99% Invisible podcast this week. The podcast has a series by Avery Truffleman focusing on fashion/style. Very interesting program and highly recommended. Anyway...

                              During the podcast someone talked about 'hard pants' and soft pants. Hard pants being jeans, chinos, etc. Pants you'd wear out of the house. Soft pants being track pants and the like. I found this distinction between hard and soft pants really interesting. I'd never thought pants in those terms before.