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Experience with the J. Crew / Chippewa boot?

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    Experience with the J. Crew / Chippewa boot?

    I want the 1000 miles. I do. But 330? Yikes. I can get the JC Chippewa for $160 until tomorrow...note that the chippewa has a rubber sole, the 1000 mile has a super sexy leather sole that I love. I live in SF, so weather is not really a huge issue for me. I have the jc penny wingtip boots and CDBs in beige.


    How are you getting them at $160?. I'm in love with these too and would buy them at that price in a heartbeat.



      Shift and Void has them and seems to like them. Scroll halfway down here to see his observations.

      I love my plain ol' Chips (not as nice as the J.Crew version but quite a bit cheaper). If in doubt, size down by 1/2.





        Look at that. It's me.

        Jared, I would imagine he is using the current %25 off $150+ and then potentially stacking that with an additional 15% off for being a student. $248 * 0.75 * 0.85 = $158 I haven't personally tried to use a student discount (which is in store only) on top of another offer, but I've heard of it being done. In the case of these boots, since they are online only, you would have to visit the store, then order over their phone. I picked these Chipps up that way to make use of my 15% off and get free shipping. I'd be pretty jealous if Margotron is able to get them for $160!

        As for my thoughts on them:

        I've only been able to wear them a few times so they haven't broken in yet. Definitely get some thick socks because they're going to dig into your ankles a bit during this process.

        The leather is really firm and smooth (thank the horse's butt for that). That was my main reason for picking them up over the standard Chippewas. They come with thin waxed laces that I'm not a huge fan of, but that's easy enough to replace.

        Inside, where your foot will sit is pretty bare bones, but that hasn't caused any discomfort in the soles of my feet.

        In terms of sizing, I knowingly bought a size that was larger than normal for me simply because the smallest size they offer is a 7.5 (I normally wear a 7). I figured it didn't hurt to see if they would fit with thick socks. Admittedly, with proper break in they might be a bit loose, but a pair of insoles should help take up some of the extra room while adding a bit of cushioning to the sole. Overall, similar to what BenR says, I'd think somewhere between true to size and half a size down would be most likely to work for you. Of course, if the fit isn't ideal, you can always just order a new pair.

        Can't really comment on the rubber soles in terms of practical usage yet. We just got our first snowfall today (about 2" on the ground) but I haven't yet had a chance to walk around and potentially slip and fall on my behind. I'm expecting better than leather but worse than commando/lug soles. Fair compromise I'd say.



          Shift - thanks for the heads up. Not really going back to school, so I'm out of luck there. I saw these in your original post. They look great. The Crosby Mocs from LEC were stiff around the ankle too. These Chippewas are better quality so I'd bet they will break in just fine.



            Not sure how he's getting them for $160 considering they're excluded from all promos. I really want the Alden Indys but so far they've been excluded from every promo JCrew has had.