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Allen Edmonds for Brooks Brothers Factory seconds - two for $300

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    @scorched - I've received a couple of emails from them today already



      Does anyone know when this sale ends? Also, I wonder if this will possibly get any better towards Black Friday/ Boxing day or at the end of the year. Hum.. decisions



        Strands and Fifth Aves for $150....not likely to happen in a long time.

        I think the rubber overlay is an added bonus myself.



          If I didn't own walnut strands, I would absolutely be pulling the trigger on this sale.



            Are the rubber soles better than the leather? What do you guys think the pros and cons are of each option?



              They are good year welted still just with a bit of rubber, use link below and look at the sole image. IMO it's better because it's leather+rubber so it's more do I hate sliding :P




                They have brown BB strands in my size. Hmmm . . .

                BJ - Did you find anyone to go halfsies with you yet? It'd be even better if you were in the DC metro area so we could save on that shipping.



                  To my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) rubber also lets you be more ninja. I have really cheap dress shoes now and whenever I go into the kitchen at work (tiled floor) I turn into a girl with high heels clacking everywhere.

                  On a side note, when Nordstrom's have their sale at the end of the year, do prices come close to this? I really should not be blowing $$$ on shoes I will not wear too often right now haha



                    @aqwayne93 - no, the prices don't come close to this.

                    I felt the same way about not spending $$$ on shoes I won't wear right now. Then in the span of about 7 months I bought AE Park Avenues, Fifth Avenues, Players, and Malvern boots. I make excuses to wear them. Also, this is a great value. If I hadn't just bought the Fifth Avenues a month ago for $200 on Amazon I would be on this for Fifth + Strands! The rubber soles are just an added bonus since I'll be working in hospitals/clinics.



                      I've got about 10 pairs of shoes right now...this will be 12, but I have a feeling I will sell a pair of loake chukkas and my AE cortlands(god I hate plain brown round cap toes).

                      The only reason I'm buying is because everyone raves about their walnut strands and I love my walnut players, and I only have 1 pair of black cap toe, slight chisle, and this deal won't come around again most likely. Plus they were in 11C! That's a sign right there to order



                        @ LosRockets

                        "I'll be working in hospitals/clinics" Your rich! haha thanks for the advice, decisions decisions...



                          Well, right now I'm looking at about $50-60k of debt at the end of my medical school education (and I'm actually pretty fortunate that it's only that much)! But when it comes to shoes like AE, I know that they'll last me until I make it into residency/practice as long as I take care of them, so they were worth the investment now.



                            Can anyone post a link or a picture of the email ad they received for this 2 for $300 deal? I'm signed up for Allen Edmonds emails and the AE Shoe Bank email list as well, but I haven't received any emails about a deal from either. I'd really like to get in on this deal. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks all!



                              A word of warning: AE will not resole the Brooks Brother line of shoes. You can search on Google to find out more about that.

                              I'm still interested in them anyway, I can't imagine the BB line is any different than the regular AE line to resole, AE just doesn't do it for business reasons.

                              5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



                                Still haven't found anyone to half it with me. If you're interested, let me know at bj [at] mcgvr [dot] com