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Allen Edmonds for Brooks Brothers Factory seconds - two for $300

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    May be interested too. I will email to see what they have. Texas here too...Dallas.



      @BJ - You can order 2 and return one to a local store (if you have one nearby). I did it for the 2 for $200 deal.



        How do we tell if they are factory seconds or not? Also, I wear size 8.5 nike shoes (Air Force one's, and pretty much everything else in 8.5 too from Nike) with pretty normal feet (not wide or narrow) any size suggestions? I am busy with school and the nearest store is a good 25 minutes away. Thanks =]



          The Brooks Brothers models have a rubber sole. That is the biggest difference.



            There are no differences in the actual models of the shoes. Here is a link:




              Oh man....this is not good for me...



                @RichC - From AE "We make some shoes for Brooks Brothers, if you want to see the styles we make the same shoe for our line

                The difference would be the sole, Allen Edmonds has a leather sole, Brooks has a rubber overlay on leather

                Brooks Strand is the same as Strand except for the sole"



                  @AJG - In the list, it should start with lines starting with Size, Dept, then Quality. On mine it says Quality 2nd.



                    There goes 300 fifth and strand... Hopefully still in stock, guy said no noticable defects for seconds.



                      I should be thankful they don't have Fifth Ave's in brown available. That's really the only hole I could justify with my current Allen Edmonds collection: Strand - walnut, Hale - black, Elgin - saddle, Bayfield - Brown Chromexcel.

                      That, and that my girlfriend would kill me.



                        If I had not just bought the Daltons.... got them for 219 from the shoebank on sale. Can't justify $500 on shoes this month, as much as I want to.



                          I will be selling some of my other shoes me thinks heh, want to try meermin and shoepassion still.

                          I am actually happy they have rubber soles, so many slippery spots at my work/winter



                            @shadow I had never heard of shoepassion before but man are those good looking shoes. That looks like a nice holiday request.



                              Yeah they have a few pairs i really love the look of.



                                havent had a response yet from the shoebank email.

                                is there a # to call or has anyone gotten an email on their listing? i sent it as soon as this thread started