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Maratac Large Pilot Watches Available Now

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    Large wrists (and previous large maratac sale) for the win!

    Sucks that they're doing that though. Glad I got the large that has the big triangle for 12 and the small seconds dial; I much prefer that design to the modified ones on their site now. Can't tell you how many compliments I've received on it.

    EDIT: BenR, nice looking watch!


      I'm actually glad they cancelled the order, I really didn't need another watch and maybe now I'll save up for that Christopher Ward watch Joe had as a giveaway last week.. or maybe hope for Joe to give another one away


        I don't like the new font or the absence of the triangle, but the addition of the printed seconds and 24-hr hours is a nice touch. The original face can feel a little desolate. Of course, it's a little weird to have the seconds around the face when the seconds are kept on a totally different dial.