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Fall/winter boots: Sizing and style advice. Frye Walter, RW IR, Wolverine 1k?

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    Fall/winter boots: Sizing and style advice. Frye Walter, RW IR, Wolverine 1k?

    Hey there, I've been lurking for a while now, but now that I've decided I want some fall/winter boots I would like your help.

    I thought I had settled on the Frye Walter, but now I'm not so sure anymore. I found this ebay deal ($200 + $30 shipping to Europe, sound good?), but the RW IR and wolverine 1k also appeal to me greatly. The iron ranger for the more rugged look and durability (I would like the boots to last me a long time); I think the 1ks are just really elegantly styled and then tan colour is really nice. The 1k and Iron Ranger will probably cost me about 60 dollars more looking at deals I can find on ebay. I need two want these really bad to make the investment (although, if they're gonna last me a lifetime, 60 dollars is not that much)

    Alden boots are beyond my budget; Chippewas I don't find particularly attractive. If you have any other suggestions, please shoot.

    I need them to be able to deal with a fair amount of rain and on occasional day of snow (Snow here means snow slush with salt and dirt mixed in)

    I'll be wearing them with jeans or a range of chinos (beige, blue, green cord)

    As far as sizing goes, I'm usually a 10, and have somewhat wide feet. From what I've read, pretty much everyone thinks for red wings you should size down a number. For the Wolverines reviews seem less unanimous: some say it's true to size, other's say half a size large, while the next may say they are sized like red wings.

    What about the Frye, are they true to size?

    And can you give a recommendation considering the width of my feet? I don't mind breaking in shoes, but I don't want the leather to be bulging out on the sides.

    That may have been a lot to read, but I hope you guys can help me out.



    I was recently in the exact same situation. I didn't really want to drop ~$300 on boots but a lot of the cheaper options didn't appeal to me for various reasons. I can't comment on the RW options (iron ranger/beckman) but I can say that I am very happy with my Wolverine 1k purchase (rust). I got mine for $280 on Ebay NIB. I have read of people doing better but this is the best I found at the time.

    As far as fit, I bought a half size down from my measurement on a Brannock measure. They are perfect. By perfect I mean my foot fits with dress socks/insole or thick socks/no insole. In an unlined boot the ability to wear thick socks is pretty much a must have. My feet are on the thin side so I would consider ordering true to size if you have wide feet. I was actually surprised the boots didn't bunch up in the middle like a lot of shoes I try to wear.

    There is a guy on styleforum that puts his 1ks through hell (username Crane) and they seem to hold up just fine after being treated with a wax sealant. Also, if you go with the Red Wings I would check out revolve clothing. I think they offer free shipping to Europe and have 30% off new customer or 20% otherwise last time I checked.



      I'm always an advocate for the Iron Rangers. Love them. Once the temperature drops a bit, I wear them 3-5 days per week if I'm being totally honest. Regardless of whatever you choose, make sure to use some great sealant on them if you plan on wearing them through rain and slush.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        I own both the Frye Walter and the RW IR. I honestly think you can't go wrong either way. If I was forced to choose I would probably pick the Red Wings just because the quality of the leather seems slightly better.

        As far as sizing goes, I went half a size down on the Red Wings and it worked out fairly well, but I think I might have been able to go down a full size. For the Frye's I got my actual size and probably should have gone a half a size down, but with thicker wool socks it's not really an issue.

        Hope that helps!



          I have the RW IR's and went down a full size. Normally wear a 10E in dress shoes, wear 9.5EEE in the 5 last for AE's and went with 9wide for the IR's. They fit perfectly.



            Nice to see that thread over at styleforum. He gave them a pretty thorough treatment, but indeed they hold up quite well, even aging for the better if you ask me.

            Great call on revolve clothing. Seems like they still run the 30% discount. They have the 1k as well, but they don't run the discount on those. Bummer, That would have made the 1ks just 188. They even had the 1k up for preorder in a 9,5 EE. Might have been perfect. I just found out they don't ship Red Wings to Europe though. Would have been too good to be true anyway.

            Greg_s, what do you think about the sizing on the iron rangers? Should I go a full size down or is a half size better?

            Edit: Forgot to refresh the page, missed jh's and focuspants's posts. Great advice on the sizing, thanks for that.

            Argh, this decision is killing me. These shoes are all really nice in their own way.

            Thanks guys



              The 1000 Miles are fantastic boots, but probably not ideal for winter. Leather soles+ice=falling down a lot. Speaking from personal experience.



                I agree with Russ. If you're talking real winter, I would touch a leather sole.



                  I love my 1ks and I love the LOOK of the thin leather sole. It is actually part of what sold me on them. That said, I agree with what is said above. The Iron Ranger sole would be better suited to slush/snow/ice. The single leather sole on the 1k is somewhat slippery even under regular conditions. There is a reason (other than cost) most modern work boots come with vibram soles.



                    I sized down a half size in the Iron Rangers and they work well with thinner and thicker socks.

                    I will say, these are not SERIOUS winter boots. If it gets really cold and/or icy where you are they will not cut it. I love my Iron Rangers but with MN winters, they do not serve me well on ice or in the bitter cold. The bitter cold is less of an issue with thick socks, but you will hit the ground on ice if you aren't careful.

                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                      BenR pointed out the Chippewa 25290 to me on an earlier thread when I was asking for "something with the uppers of Wolverine 1K, but with big stompy commando soles". It might be what you're looking for; I know I'm sorely tempted to buy a pair.



                        The uppers are really like that of a Wolverine 1k? They look nothing alike in the pics!



                          Heck if I know. BenR tends to know his stuff, though.



                            Chippewas are a little too bulky for my taste, although they do look like they'll last you a lifetime, on any terrain, in any environment. That little American flag is a nice touch though, haha.

                            The leather sole versus vibram sole is definitely something to consider. I suppose I could always try to equip the 1ks with a vibram sole, like this guy drmrhiggins did: Definitely changes the appearance of the shoe though. Not sure if I want that. Like Penguin said, the thin leather sole is part of the appeal.

                            Anyway, I found a local store that does free shipping and returns on the 1k, so I ordered a pair last night. I told myself that it would be just for fitting purposes... Haha, I will probably end up liking them so much that I want to keep them and don't care about the higher price (priced down 30% to 269.95, 10 euro coupon -> 259.95, one of these 'let us refer you to the webshop and we will give you back 5% deals' -> €248.79. Cheapest IR/1k I could find on ebay was something like €220-230 (shipping is a bitch, instant extra $40, and by the time the shipment gets here, winter is already over).

                            Pretty excited to see these 1ks in real life, should be here in two days or so.


                              I got lucky with my Iron Rangers. I went to the RW shop and they sized me @ 11.5 left foot and 12 right, yep, mismatched feet. Anyway, I sized down to an 11, they only had one pair and it had a tiny scuff on the the inside heel and I asked if they could call the other local store to see if they had something unblemished. Red Wing man said he'd knock off 20% if I took that pair.. DONE! Came out at about 250ish with tax. lol it was fate I suppose. I love them, they get compliments, but I like the 1k mile boot too, just don't have them yet.