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itailor "sportcoat" pics

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    itailor "sportcoat" pics

    IGNORE THE MESS IN THE BACKGROUND...I have a kid and I just got home and ate and posted this plus...AcousticFoodie has a dirty mirror!

    So I ordered this from iTailor, it was a suit jacket I emailed and asked them to model more towards a sportcoat...not sure if they really made a difference, shoulders seem to be quite padded. They said it's wool blend on the shipping invoice but so did black lapel and their suit was %100 wool, not sure about this one as they advertise it as wool on the website, it's definitely rougher than the BL material.

    This is fresh out of the VERY VERY tight pack job they did, used same measurements as my black lapel jacket, the shoulders on this one again end right at my shoulder, however my deltoid goes past my shoulder bone. Tried steaming it in bathroom and with vertical steam...but it's going to need a while.

    Total cost was $123, also I should note it feels like there is a floating piece in the chest, not sure if that makes it half canvassed or not. And I need to wet shave tonight :P I have longer arms than normal people so the jacket if I had it "cupable" would be more towards knee, I went to the bottom of my pants.


    A fully canvassed or half-canvassed jacket for $123 isn't likely, but that's not the same thing as impossible. It's actually a pretty easy test after you've learned the difference.



      I did a pinch test on chest and there is definitely an inbetween piece that's independant.

      The material in chest is thicker than sleeve, below chest it feels thinner

      back of the lapels have a "split" part as well(I pulled a bit and saw threads..barely)

      So I'm still not sure but those are all signs from my understanding



        Well even fused jackets can have canvassed lapels. It's not particularly uncommon, AFAIK. I also don't put much weight in comparing the sleeve weight vs chest weight. It's just difficult to tell. The pinch test is the best way to go. If you're checking between the buttons, actually grab the material on both sides and pull it apart. You don't have to be shy about it. If there is traditional canvas in the middle, it'll have a sort of waffle texture to it. So you can feel it rubbing around in there, and it'll be a little rough.

        Regardless of all that, though, the fit looks good. That's what matters most.



          Not bad at all for a $123 jacket! I will check them out.



            BTW, what was the turn-around time from order to delivery? They're international, right?



              I ordered near end of Sept, took about 5 weeks(they say 5-6), they ship international, I'm in Canada and I think it was 10 Euros for shipping, total cost included shipping