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    Kickstarter Thread

    With Joe posting the Anstead Watch “Oceanis” in his recent "Most Wanted Affordable Style" post and the fact that I think many of us would've wanted to back on Kickstarter if we had known about it sooner. I think it might be appropriate to start a Kickstarter thread here. A search of the threads didn't seem to bring up any.

    For those of you that don't know what Kickstarter is, please go here:

    There is risk when it comes to backing projects on Kickstarter as some of the products still need to be finalized, though you will not be charged if a company doesn't come up with their requested seed funding. Also Kickstarter is not a store:

    Another search of the forums, I found this post about 7 regent lane custom suits and shirts who's Kickstarter initiative has long ended but they still have this coupon code:

    Code: DAPPER1

    Valid: Through 1/1/2013

    Please post what you find!


    Here are two kickstarter initiatives that I thought the dappered community might like. Thoughts? Alternatives?

    Rising tree bracelets

    Leather duffel