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Velvet Blazers?

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    Velvet Blazers?

    Long time reader of and recent lurker of the Threads section--now that there seems to be a collective mass of people here I thought I'd join the fray.

    Curious to hear some thoughts on velvet blazers. I've been eyeing the J.Crew Ludlow velvet blazer for a while and they've become rather hard to find. Recently it reappeared on the J.Crew site as part of their current sale.

    It's certainly not the most practical piece, but something about me just *wants* it. Definitely not a wardrobe essential--I could use the J.Crew Factory Tweed more--but the uniqueness has me hooked. Now that it's at $140 with the current sale, it might be time to pull the trigger, but I'm getting a little gunshy as it's final sale--thoughts yea or nay?


    I'm not much of a blazer guy, but I especially am not into velvet blazers. I just don't like the material in general. I like most other materials better. That is probably not too in depth or helpful, but I am basically saying I think other blazer materials look better.



      I think if you're over 60 and have an awesome handlebar mustache, a velvet blazer MIGHT have a place in your wardrobe. otherwise, just looks like you're trying to hard. It's kind of a cheesy item, and hard to actually wear, versus looking like you're playing dress up



        I actually own a velvet blazer and its the color velvet as well. Truthfully, that thing has only been worn twice in the two yrs I have owned it. I like it, it can be work with dark indigo jeans and crisp white BD, and some cognac wings. Finding an occasion is only a matter or choice, i wear whenever i get an urge to, usually when its chilly out and im gonig somewhere with the wife thats casual but stylish. People know me as the well dressed guy so what ever i wear it usually gets compliments even though i may be apprehensive at first, once i leave the house i can care less. i just have confidence about my look.

        "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



          Eh, I'm going against the grain on this one.

          Smoking jackets might be old looking - but velvet blazers can be cool, especially if they fit well.

          I wouldn't wear one every day (or maybe I would?), but they can definitely turn heads on the occasional night out. The J. Crew one linked above is very nice.

          Below is a picture of an outfit I wore about six months ago. I wore a casual blazer, striped sweater underneath, jeans and slip-ons. I think it worked very well. The blazer was probably some kind of poly blend, but it had the same texture and a look very similar to velvet.



            I agree with Joe and MaxMan. If the jacket is well-fitting, and you wear it with confidence, it will work.

            Also, I really like the linked Jcrew jacket. The dark color makes it look less like a smoking jacket and more like a casual blazer, but unique.



              I'd say go for it if you think you can. I'd avoid wearing it often. If you're going to wear it often, wear it to different places so you don't become The Guy in the Velvet Blazer (the upcoming novel by Stieg Larsson).

              (I know he's dead.)



                I think it can work very well for a casual look...I would back away from using a tie with it, at all, and would most-often pair it with darker jeans. I think the black velvet will end up being used more than any other color of velvet.

                I own one and wear it occasionally...if you are looking for an accent piece, it is solid; but, certainly not if you are hoping for a piece you will be able to wear every week.



                  I own a velvet blazer, I last wore this past New Years at a party. I absolutely love it. It's my go to black blazer, I usually pair it with dark jeans only, due to the fact that it seems to fit more on that casual side instead of dress trousers.

                  Now i purchased this blazer from believe it or not Men's Wear House. I'm not a fan of that place, but tagged along with a friend who apparently likes their dress shirts. So while I was there I glanced around, saw the velvet blazer and decided to try it on. Minimal shoulder padding and functional buttons is what this blazer was treated with. So in all honesty I purchased it. Had it tailored of course to the T, and I now love it.

                  I will send a link with a picture of me wearing it that night. The picture is from a camera phone and the lighting inside of course isn't the brightest. It should give you an idea of how I incorporated it with the outfit. If you got the confidence to rock it, just do it!

                  Blazer: MWH black velvet

                  Shirt: Express 1MX grey

                  Tie: Burberry slim fit black checkered tie

                  Tiebar: Geoffrey Bean

                  Jeans: Ralph Lauren Polo Slim Fit Jeans

                  Shoes: Clarks Suede Grey desert boots

                  Left Hand : Corona

                  Right Hand: Fiance (at the time), Wife now!

                  ***PHOTO #4***