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    Polo Quick Hit Reviews

    Below I offer some quick hit reviews of various brands of polos. As noted here, I work in a (very) business casual environment, and polos are a staple for me. Here's some of my experiences. Offer some of your own so that others may be able to judge how to spend their money.


    The Mossimo athletic fit polos are legit. They fit my slender 5'8" frame incredibly well. I only have one problem with them: They're made from jersey cotton. Jersey cotton skirts the line of business casual and weekend casual, at least at my office.

    Banana Republic

    BR athletic fit elephant logo pique polos also fit me really well. My beef with them is that they show wear and pilling pretty quickly. I also own a pima cotton BR polo. It has held up like a champ. One of my staples, and still looks great after almost weekly wearing for four (count 'em, four) years. Met my wife while wearing it, so triple word score.

    Brooks Brothers

    The slim fit BB golden fleece polo is my current daily go-to. Expensive, but they fit well and they hold up like Cal Ripken, Jr. What I really love about them is the fit: They're slim-fitting enough that they're very flattering on my frame, but not so much that it looks like I just splurged on a shopping spree at Baby Gap.

    Ralph Lauren

    Overpriced if you don't get them on sale. The collars suck. After just a few washes, the collars look far more worn than the shirt itself. Only have one and don't plan on buying another. I'm slender with a dash of athletic, and these look kinda tight even on me.

    Those are my experiences. What are yours?


    I've bought two Benjamin Bixby polos on ebay for $10 a piece plus shipping a month ago and these shirts are the truth!! It's a shame that the company no longer exists because their polos fit me perfectly and are super high quality.

    Dave, how is the fit on the BB polos and what size do you wear? I'm 6'2 180lbs and thinking I should go with medium. I'm assuming you wear a small based on the dimensions you gave of yourself. Is that size mad tight on you or is it a comfortable fit?





      I'm 5' 8" 140 lbs, so short-ish and slender. The BB golden fleece slim fit polos in small is what I wear.

      The fit is what I love about them. It's trim enough that I'm not wearing a parachute, but it's not ridiculously tight, either. The sleeves fit nicely around my upper arm and end just below my triceps. It looks really great for a casual environment. Tucked in, the shirt blouses just enough that it doesn't look like I shop at Baby Gap.



        Those Mossimo polos are now $8 at my local Target, by the way; not sure how that shakes out nationwide or online.



          I definitely agree that the collar on the Ralph Lauren ones doesn't hold it's shape after a while. Since my Ralph Lauren polos are starting to show their age I'll have to try the try the Brooks Brothers slim fit polos. What size do you wear? I'm about the same height but I am definitely not slender- more of a medium muscular build.

          Based on the recommendations of this site I tried the Mossimo polos but they are too thin and wrinkly for me (even though the fit was good).

          I recently got some stuff from Lands End Canvas that fit very well, I may have to try some of their polos...



            My favorite polo is a DKNY two button. It looks like the style has been changed some, but these are close.




              Ralph Lauren polos are a bad fit in my opinion (at least for shorter guys like me). The classic fit and custom fit are always long and boxy even after shrinking in the wash. They do make a slim fit but I haven't tried them on yet. I'm on the hunt for a less expensive polo with a slimmer fit so thanks for this thread!



                @Sean, I have a similar problem with the RL customs. The mediums fit me great in the torso, but the shoulders are too tight. The large fits me great in the shoulders, but there's so much extra room in the torso, it looks ridiculous.

                Thanks to Dave I'm definitely going to try to the BB slim polos.



                  Just copped three Mossimo polos from Target. Def the best casual polos I've ever owned. Fit is right on par.



                    A few people have commented on the RL polls. I agree on the custom fit mesh fitting awkwardly sometimes. I would suggest you try the custom fit interlock polo. It's the smooth one compared to the mesh which is the knit. The interlock comes larger than the mesh due to the fact it shrinks when you wash and dry it. But what I find is the custom fit interlock fits well if you don't dry it to shrink.



                      Jet, Thanks!!

                      I didn't know they made a custom interlock. I have a few normal interlocks, but I thought that's all they made. I'll keep an eye out. Still have yet to try BB slim polos.



                        Your local Macy's should have them. They aren't even on Polos website Sorry lol I work for Polo at Macy's



                          Anyone know if the Express Signature Polos have their logo on them?



                            Heads up, Target Mossimo polos went on sale this week. Anyone seen or bought the Mossimo Henley Ts?



                              Thanks for that Andrew! I think I'll go grab a few of them!