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Help with suit for interview

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    Help with suit for interview

    I am headed to a residency interview in South Florida and was wondering about opinions on what to where. I was thinking either the Thompson Factory navy or gray suit with a white shirt and not sure about shoes. Help? I want something conservative enough for an interview but not to stiff/stuck up. It is a fairly relaxed program.


    Regardless of how conservative/relaxed the program is, it's still a residency interview. Thompson navy, with a white shirt, and either dark brown or black shoes is perfect. I say navy over gray because that particular suit looks *awesome* in navy. You'll look good but the focus will be on you and what you've accomplished in med. school. Make sure the shirt is a spread or point collar and that it fits you well.

    What's your shoe budget? I love both my black Allen Edmonds Park Avenues and brown Fifth Avenues, and despite the leather sole I've had no issues with slipping and sliding in clinics. They're going to be about $330 though. If you're looking for something more affordable and you have a Neiman Marcus Last Call or a Nordstrom Rack near you, go take a look at the shoes there. The former carries Magnanni and other nice names for around $200-250. Nordstrom Rack carries To Boot New York and sometimes Allen Edmonds at a discount.

    You want closed lacing (balmorals) as opposed to open (bluchers) for your dress shoes since you'll be wearing them with a suit.

    These are versatile and would go well with navy: (additional 30% off)

    In general I'd say I get more wear out of my brown shoes than my black and I'd recommend you get a pair of brown oxfords. If you're interviewing for a surgical residency then you probably won't have much use for fancy dress shoes, so lower-budget is serviceable.

    If I had the time and resources, I would get these:



      Thanks so much! Not a surgery residency (my best friend is finishing his fellowship in trauma, I learned that I would still like a life). Are wingtips appropriate and as I am still currently in med school with a very tight budget would the stafford wingtips be too much/too casual? I would love a pair of fifth avenues but can't afford them yet. Was headed to Nordstrom Rack tomorrow after clinic and will keep my eye out...any other suggestions?



        I think that you could swing it with the stafford wingtips since they're closed lacing. However, you probably won't see most people wearing wingtips on the interview trail with their suits. Also I'm not sure if the Staffords will be too bright in person.

        Have you considered looking at local thrift stores? (For what it's worth, I'm an MS1 but I sprung for the Park Aves and Fifth Aves recently through Ebay and an Amazon sale. They've been worth the money, but I had savings from a job before entering medical school and my school's very affordable). Other brands at Nordstrom Rack to consider: Cole Haan, Florsheim, and Nordstrom's house brand.

        Can't speak to the quality but these may be in your range:

        Just curious, what residency are you applying to?



          Yeah I have checked out the local thrift stores so far without any luck. It is a game of patience though. I also had a career before med school, unfortunately my school runs on the expensive side. No offense just so it isn't public I'll let you know after match day which residency I am applying to. Or if you know how we can do private messaging on here I'd be happy to let you know. You are only a 1st year, if you have any questions feel free to ask. And I know you have been told before but pass your classes and buy first aid now. Your board scores are going to matter a heck of a lot more than your grades will. Do every question bank you can find. Good Luck!



            Haha, no worries and no offense taken. Been passing everything and using FA/BRS to study already, but thanks for the advice! My MS4 friends tell me it's quite an experience - enjoy the wining and dining and day-long interviews.



              Check ebay, I got a couple pairs of AE's off of there for under $50, one under $30.