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reasonably priced wool trousers

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    reasonably priced wool trousers

    Any suggestions on some reasonably priced, well-fitting, mid-gray wool trousers? I need to ramp up my grey pants. Suggestions? (links would also be much appreciated)





      I would say $100-150 per pair.



        I am interested in this too. Right in that price range.



          I have a couple pair of the Benjamin trousers from eHaberdasher which are nice for $99. Same closure and belt keeper as Incotex. He hasn't restocked in a while though so sizes and colors are bit low now. Just search for trousers here:

          I've heard lots of people recommend Howard Yount and there are a few on sale for $145 now:

          BB, 2 for $229:

,default,pd.html?dwvar_188J_Color=BLCK&content pos=8

          If you live near a Century 21 (NY or NJ), it seems like I can always find Hickey Freeman for $100-120 there. STP carries HF and Hiltl too:

          SuitSupply, $149:


          Boden, $148 but there's always a coupon code floating around:

          Hope that helps!



            @Fred - Nice array. Lots of picked through sizing, though.

            How would these choices compare to Bonobos wool trousers? I like the fit, but frankly I'm not too impressed with the fabric. So I'm not sure they're worth the sticker price of $175 (not that I paid that). And some BR tailored slim fit wool trousers I bought have almost the same slimness waist, rise, and leg opening and retails for as little as just under $100 (although you can get it for much less than that on sale) and the wool might even feel a little nicer.

            So would wool dress pants listed above (Howard Yount, Boden, etc), be a step up in fabric quality?



              Did you see the wool trousers in the Lands End Canvas post by Joe? I ordered a pair in 608 skinny and will let you know what I think... honestly though, if you're on the skinnier side I feel like the 608 is a great option.



                @redbeardedmike - I've heard great things about the Howard Yount trousers but I don't own any. They are sort of on my sartorial wish list. Epaulet trousers are as well if they ever go on sale:

                I have the Boden charcoal donegal trousers and they are very nice, and are sort of a midway point between less expensive and premium trousers. Split waistband (good), finished seams inside, but I prefer the kind of button (or buttons) that extend over an inch or so, I don't know what this is called. They have 6 belt loops - cheaper pants only have 5, more expensive usually have 8. Nice fabric and nice slim fit and you can always find a coupon code. They generally make nice stuff but Boden's jackets and shirts don't fit me because the arms are always too long.



                  Those Brooks Brothers are a good deal (2/$220) but I do not want to get 2 when I do not know how they fit. Can anyone vouch for the fits of BB? What is the difference between the fits? i.e. Madison vs Regent fit.

                  I have been eyeing Howard Yount recently and I have heard good things about them from StyleForum. Has anyone tried any HY stuff before? This is where I am leaning.

                  Also, does anyone have anything to say about Banana Republic wool pants?



                    Lands end all the way and they hem them for you.



                      The RL flannel trousers are pretty nice too and they are easy to find NWT on eBay. Retail $425, they are $220 in the current sale (w/code):


                      eBay, NWT, lots of options for less:




                        Banana Republic Tailored Slim Fit are good wool trousers for the price. I recently picked up a few pairs with the deals they have going on all the time. I would never pay full price for BR clothing period.



                          I am really digging everything going on at Howard Younts, pants and sport coats especially.



                            Wool pants st BR are $100 unless you're looking at suit separates. It's a reasonable place to start.



                              Any new options? Seriously considering picking up a pair of Epaulet's or Howard Yount's but I'd prefer to spend less than that if at all possible.