Hi all,

I just received a mailing from Joseph Turner, a company I had never heard of that basically looks almost identical to Charles Tyrwhitt. Their stuff looks fine but what really caught my eye were the shoes, which they admit are made by Loake. From what I can tell the shoes for around $155 are mostly the Loake L1 range which look to be a great value and right in the budget of most Dappered readers. The shoes around $276 are from the Loake 1880 range which is a really nice shoe. (I have the Loake Litchfield from this range.) Some other models like the Kalahari and Sahara boots ($134) are from the Loake Lifestyle range. Here's a full list:

http://usa.josephturner.co.uk/mens/footwear#items-/mens/footwear?sort=price_asc,searchterm=,layout=grid,pa ge=1

Anyway, I had never heard of Joseph Turner before today, but I do own some Loakes and I think they are great shoes for the $$$. The L1 range uses corrected grain leather (JT lists them as "polished leather upper", and so are all J&M and Cole Haans in this range) but something like the following two shoes could be great for all the readers that need a dress/interview shoe for around $150. Since they are goodyear welted (not glued like most other J&M or CH) they look to be an excellent value. Does anyone have any experience with either of these?