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    Architect's Wallet

    I saw some of you mentioned in an earlier Dappered post that you purchased the wallet from FormFunctionForm. What are your thoughts now that you've had it awhile? I've almost bought it a few times but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Anything I should know, or should I just buy the damn thing already?


    For the most part, I love mine, but there are a few things that frustrate me:

    1. My wallet's leather already looked pre-aged and scuffed when it first arrived. I would have preferred to have done all of that myself

    2. The space pen's will begin to fall out of the side. Apart from gluing the cap into the leather, I don't know how to solve this.

    3. You'll go through notebooks rather quickly. Every time you pull your wallet out of your pants, you're wearing down the back of that moleskin. Eventually, it looks trashy and, with enough time, you just lose the whole back page.

    4. Very few cards fit in there, along with 0 cash. I now have to keep an extra wallet in my car for things I don't immediately need on a daily basis.

    Besides that, it basically does what it does, and it's great for writing things down on the fly or handing out a book recommendation or a number to someone. And it's helpful to always have that pen with you for whatever reason.



      This was one of those things I had to have based on the coolness factor. I haven't swapped out my Franklin Covey card holder for it yet, but I like the fact that I own it. I think it might work best as an alternative wallet, for use on the weekends. I don't think it's practical for every day use due to the design. It's a step up from ramming your license and cards into a notebook and shoving it in your pocket. I prefer a more organized approach for every day use. Mine also came with green notebooks, which I sincerely don't like. Shawn from FFF said he would send me blue ones about three weeks ago. I'm guessing he didn't write that down in his notebook.



        @Frost: There's a whole wide variety of colors, if you think you might like something besides blue. Also, they're 4-for-3:



          Already did. My concern is, I wanted it to come as advertised, especially considering the price.



            That's a fair enough expectation.



              Thanks for the mini-review. I was interested in this, but I think I'll stick with my iPhone apps (not the same, I know, I know), but a lot slimmer.



                Personally, I think the inherent flaw is the size of the field notes books. They're about the width of a credit card but about 2 and 2/3s as tall which is quite huge for a wallet or anything you'd put in your pockets. It then gets a bit wider because of the pen. If it was roughly half the size I think it'd be perfect, you know a little larger than a credit card. Just about the size of the little black books guys used to have before the cell phone age. If they were to price it between $30 and $40 I'd pick one up in a heart beat but between $80 and $100, that's just too much.

                5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



                  Hey guys. Saw this, and figured I'd address any comments or questions (hope it's not creepy that I'm butting in to your party).

                  from the bottom:

                  @redford--I think you're thinking the volant xsmall is much bigger than it actually is. It's not field notes size. A volant xs is only a little bigger than a credit card.

                  @frost--you're totally right, man. I completely forgot to send those to you, but they went out today. My sincere apologies.

                  @pensotroppo--what was scuffed about your wallet? let me know, man...if you're not happy with it, I would've gladly replaced it for you. Some minor scuffing is to be expected, just as a part of natural chromexcel--especially with that leather, you touch it, and it marks--but then you rub it and the marks disappear. That said, things don't leave the studio (at least not intentionally) looking noticeably scuffed up; I'm wondering if something happened in the mail? Anyway...shoot me an email; I'd be happy to discuss how we can make you pleased with your purchase. As to cards fitting in there: I have between 8 and 10 in mine at any point in time, and often a couple of bills and a check. Part of the issue is that yours probably hasn't stretched out yet--natural chromexcel is VERY stretchy. Stuff a couple cards in there, and see if it's not fitting much better after a few days.

                  @cforsyth (and others that are interested)--you always have free shipping both if you get it, and don't like it, let me know and I'll send you a label to ship it back to me.

                  Feel free to get in touch with any questions...



                    Re: The pen falling out... you might want to buy a matte black Space Pen. They have a little more grip and texture.

                    I don't own this wallet, but I do have a "silver bullet" Space Pen as part of my EDC and one of my big annoyances is how easily it slides out of my pocket if I'm sitting in a car seat or something.




                      I like mine so far. Looks good and receive tons of complements on it. I actually like the size! Here in WA, a concealed carry permit is rather large. Fits perfectly in this wallet! And BenR is right. The silver pen is quite slippery. I had a titanium one I bought in the airport in Charlotte back in the day. It kept slipping out till I finally lost it. Sad since it was rather pricey. The current black one is still around.


                        I spoke with Shawn about the issues with my wallet (like the scuffs and some dents in it.) Without asking, he shipped me out a brand new one.

                        When he says "we guarantee that this will fit the bill(s)," he's not kidding. Shawn, if you see this - THANK YOU!!