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About to get my first tailored suit/Help me put together an outfit for prom

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    About to get my first tailored suit/Help me put together an outfit for prom

    I'm putting together a prom outfit and I was thinking about going for this look:

    I'm not sure about the pink shirt but I'm definitely sure I want to go for a collar pin. What do you guys think?

    Also, I'm gettint the suit custom made. I'm planning to go for navy cause it's a pretty universal colour, right? What should I know before I go to the tailor?


    Well proms are formal affairs. You'll probably look great in your suit, but it's not technically appropriate for the occasion. If that's no matter (and especially if everyone else is already breaking the rules), then proceed. In that case, yes navy is a fantastic choice.



      If you decide you want to go more formal, there's a navy dinner jacket (the only true colored alterative to black) on the Dappered homepage today. Just pair that with some tuxedo pants and some shiny black shoes. It's very uncommon to see formal wear on the site, but it's up there right now.



        I highly doubt anyone will go for a tux this prom. Maybe a black tie tops but that's not because they will be aware of it being a black-tie event but because a black suit with a black tie will be the limit of their creativity.

        That being said, I want to dress formal but also stand out a little bit. Last year I went to a prom with a friend and most of the guys wore simple black and white outfits. Now that I think of it... maybe it would make stand out a little bit but in a negative way? A pink shirt definitely would do that, wouldn't it?

        Shit, I don't know. I want to let my creativity go out and play on this but I'm not sure if I wouldn't look out-of-place in anything but a simple black and white outfit.



          LOL, slow down man, no need for anxiety. Do as you please to the prom, you wont feel out of place if you exude confidence in your look. Considering what proms have been since i attended one like 10 yrs ago, guys were NOT DRESSING to the nines, i remember all white air force 1s with a suit this situation, as in most i agree with Alan, that outfit is not prom qualified, caveat emptor, if you are considering you peers understand style (likely not). The power suit with a club color is more casual then formal in my mind.If your set on wearing it, go ahead, it looks good IMO, and in high school there arent "real" rules about style. Point is, be confident in whatever you wear and make sure it fits well...

          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



            Given my memories of prom, as long as you get your fit on point and don't go for anything outlandish, you'll be way ahead of the game.



              @MaxMan WOW! AF1's at prom? Those were our basketball team shoe my freshman year. When I went to prom, it was customary to rent a tux (late 90's). Everyone thought I was ballsy wearing a white bow-tie instead of the penguin outfit.

              @statesboro I wouldn't worry too much. I'd be willing to bet, like Max said, your peers probably have very little understanding of style.



                Agreed. My prom was just 5 years ago...sheesh seems longer...anyway as long as the fit is on point, who cares. Honestly I agree with the Navy suit. That way you can wear it more often. With a tux or dinner jacket, you may not get to wear it but once a year, if that. Fit is key, as all the suits at my prom were like MC hammer pants and shoulders hanging off everyone.

                What we do in life echos throughout eternity.



                  @statesboro: There's something else to consider... The opportunity to get a custom-made suit that your parents are likely paying for is hard to pass up, but it's also very possible they you haven't stopped growing (either up OR out).

                  As much as I hate to say it, it would be a shame to have a custom suit made that you can't even fit into in a couple of years. Because of the way hem lines wear down over time, it's much easier to shorten them than it is to let them out once a suit has been worn for a while. A permanent line will actually form at the edge of the hem so that even if you have enough material, you'll have a light ring when the original hem used to be.

                  This wouldn't be as much of an issue with pants since you can leave a medium break that you may grow into having no break without adjusting them, but there's no way around the cuffs if your arms grow. Plus, the "freshman 15" isn't just for girls.

                  Without highschool athletics or even PE, most guys gain at least a little weight when they reach college and then even more once they graduate and get into the working world. That's less of a concern than actually growing taller, though. Even a half-inch can make a huge difference on the arm length.

                  If you go the custom-suit route, have you waist fitted, but consider leaving a litle breathing room in the arm and leg length.



                    @Alan - I can certainly attest to the OUT portion of that first statement.



                      Here's is some unusual formalwear, just for kicks:

                      Granted, some of these have a heavy dose of informality mixed in. Also, these looks are hardly classic, and could fall out of favor at any moment. So you can't count on reusing them.

                      ... and they cost thousands of dollars. :-P



                        Alan, that's it. You're on my list. I hope that you're proud of yourself.



                          I'm sure there's some inside joke I'm missing here. :-S



                            Alan, you were on Team Conservative with me in WIWT, and then you go and post those pictures. What happened, man?!

                            statesboro, wear what makes you happy, and don't worry if you stand out. Standing out is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you don't go the route of the gentleman in Alan's post who is wearing a shawl collar double-breasted single-button plaid dinner jacket with jade and black loafers.



                              LOL He said he wanted to stand out so I threw some stuff out there. Don't read too far between the lines. :-)

                              And I know for a FACT that statesboro won't be going that route... Because he can't afford it: