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Fall/Winter date shoes

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    Fall/Winter date shoes

    Suggestions? No nice as they look, I'll ruin them. lol

    I like brown more than black, and to be worn with jeans.



    These or these



      Florsheim Hawleys. Would look great with jeans.



        Florsheim needs to put those Hawleys on sale RIGHT AWAY.



          yeah, I'm all about boots from October-May



            I've got the Gaffney's ( and love 'em. They're like $100 with the LINK20 code.



              Florshiem Hawley:

              Shoebuy, $144 w/ free shipping using code FALL20

              Florsheim, $136 w/ free shipping using code NEXT20. If you get two pairs of shoes, use 25% off coupon FABULOUS25, which brings the price down to $128.

              Also I've been eyeing:

              Timberland Earthkeepers 6" City Zip, $136 w/ FALL20, Joe's Reviews here and here

              Redwing Iron Ranger, $280* at Zappos, ~$220 on eBay

              Chippewa for J.Crew plain-toe boots, $198*

              *Refuse to pay full price for these, waiting for a sale/coupon.

              My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



                I've been eyeing red wing beckmans as well


                and LL Bean Hawthornes, are a little dressier, but not wingtips


                and ideally some 1000 mile boots, but my cashflow isn't that good.

                I'm thinking I'll get some gaffneys, but am torn on the chestnut vs the brown. how does the suede do waterproof-wise?



                  @Ben the Hawthornes are great looking. I would love those in a more reddish color.

                  I like these:





                    @YackoYak I have those exact Red Wings, the single greatest piece of footwear I've ever owned, if not piece in my wardrobe. No exaggeration. I wear them as much as possible for about 6 months (live in the cold northland).

                    @Jason I have been considering the chestnut Gaffneys for quite some time now. What color do you have? What are your feelings on the lug sole in person? It doesn't bother me much, but just enough to have not yet pulled the trigger.

                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                      I have the Chestnut. It's a very attractive color the leather has good depth w/ burnished toe and heel. I like the lug sole. It doesn't show when you're standing. I live in rainy upstate NY, so I like that I can wear them if it's a little damp out, although I got some Bean Boots for when it's actually raining out.



                        against the will of my bank account I just ordered chestnut gaffneys.

                        My name is Ben, and I think I have a shoe problem

                        But also I look damn good



                          I'm leaning towards getting a pair of LL Bean Katahdin Boots once they come back in stock. But some of the boots on this thread are making me second guess..




                            [email protected] Ben, I aint admitting it yet...

                            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                              Ben, I think you're going to like them. I have the Gaffney boot in chestnut and they are nice. I found that they run a half size larger for me. I usually wear a 10.5 but the 10 fit me better.