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New Shirts and Cashmere from Everlane

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    New Shirts and Cashmere from Everlane

    I am not sure if any of you guys are on the mailing list for Everlane, but I received an email last night with a teaser for their new releases today.

    They are releasing Italian Cashmere sweaters and OCBDs.

    The cashmere is $120. Is this a good deal? I have been tempted to try their t shirts but I have not pulled the trigger on anything from them yet.

    So does anyone plan to order any of the new stuff. It would be cool if Joe did a review of the new offerings.


    They've been saying they are gonna start producing XL's for about 8 months, and they still haven't. As soon as they do i'll be grabbinga few things.



      I looked at the OCBDs, and they look good, but I'm waiting for someone else to take the chance, report on quality and fit.

      I was interested in the cashmere until I saw the price. $120 is a decent price for good cashmere, but I'm also fine with Merino wool at a third of that price. If I were to spring for cashmere, I would probably wait for a good sale (Lastcall has cashmere for < $100 right now).



        @MikeAD91 also uniqlo has cashmere for $79. I am not sure how the quality compares though.



          Those OCBD's do not seem like they would fit a tall thin person (such as myself). Looks like similar to the Lumina OCBD I bought. Great shirt, nice material, but made for a regular frame :/

          if anyone else who is 6'3" ~180lbs buys one of these please report back.



            @popbot Fwiw, an Everlane rep described the cut of the ocbd's as "aggressively slim" and made to fit "younger, leaner guys." I guess we'll see if that's true once the orders ship and people start posting feedback.

            As for the cashmere - high quality cashmere is very, very expensive. Whether it's worth it is up to you (Personally, I think for most clothing once you pass a decent level of quality you start to get diminishing returns, so it really comes down to choosing what you feel is worth splurging on). Also remains to be seen if Everlane's cashmere is really as good as they claim, but it seems they're definitely aiming for a big step above Uniqlo.

            I do think Everlane's had some trouble communicating what niche they're trying to fill. They've thrown out such a wide range of comparisons that I don't know whether to expect something like American Apparel/Uniqlo or Epaulet/Vince/etc.