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Help Me Pick Between Two Pairs of Pants

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    Help Me Pick Between Two Pairs of Pants

    First pair: flat front. (edit: in charcoal)

    Second pair: Pleated.

    Going to use the 40% off code on one of them, and know that the 608 skinny fits me perfectly in 32x32 (6'0 160).

    I'd normally go with the flat front, but I'm worried about them being overly-trendy. The pleated still has a slimmer silhouette, but a more conservative look. I'd like to be able to wear these for at least the next five years in a business-casual legal setting without sticking out.

    Guessing I'll end up picking up both if there is another 40% discount. But they look popular since both are already back-ordered, so hard to say if I'll get another shot.


    I like the flat ones better.

    What we do in life echos throughout eternity.



      Get that one. Wait... No, get the other one.



        Flat-front is no longer "trendy". It's perfectly acceptable to wear flat-front pants in all situations, from casual pants to black tie. Remember, the purpose of pleats are engineering. When the pants are cut to rest at the natural waist, pleats are helpful in making the pants fit more comfortably (anything worn by JFK, Sinatra, etc). These pants rest on the hips, so I would get the flat-front pair.