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    Cheap[er] Peacoats

    Hey guys, it's getting colder on campus and I'm looking for a relatively cheaper peacoat option. Obviously, Joe posted the affordable F/W options, but I'm seeing if anyone has any other options/opinions.

    In particular, I've been looking at some Uniqlo stuff:

    There's this peacoat:

    And this pea jacket... what's a pea jacket?... like what's the difference between that and a pea coat?

    Someone also mentioned American Eagle as an option... which I'm kind of hesitant about... but here it is:

    Are there any opinions on the Uniqlo ones out there yet? Also, does anyone have any options that I haven't considered yet? Also, does anyone have experience with the Lands End or Merona ones from the Dappered post? [over here:].

    Also, jsyk, I tend to fit in the same way as Joe on most things. So yeah. Thanks for the help guys!!!


    Have you checked your local Army/Navy stores? They always have nice U.S. Navy issue melton wool peacoats in the low $100 range. A little post-purchase tailoring and you've got yourself a perfect winter coat.



      Have you looked at the Target Peacoat. Joe included it the winter coat review.



        Wait for sales. I got my Banana Republic peacoat for 89+shipping.



          I had a room mate that bought one from American Eagle last winter. I thought it fit odd, and it was incredibly thin. I wouldn't recommend that.



            Hey Tomas, I did check out the surplus store, but they didn't have peacoats? I thought it was strange haha...

            JEH, thanks for the AE overview, that's how I thought it would be.



              I have an Express pea coat and I love it. I overpaid but I like it. Thick and warm too.

              What we do in life echos throughout eternity.



                I picked up the AE one last year, but it's slightly different than the one you linked to. I actually like it quite a bit although living in SoCal, I'm not in temps below the 50's so it suits me just fine.

                Earlier this week I picked up the J Crew version and so far it's great. Not super thick, which again, is perfect for cooler weather.



                  Also, just another thing: I'm looking for something that will be good Fall-Winter. I go to college in the Midwest. Lots of walking to class ~10-15 minutes.

                  I have another jacket for really really cold days, but would like a nice peacoat for when I want to look good... and feel warm =]



                    just wear layers.



                      Among the cheap peacoats, the Target one is probably the best in terms of price-to-niceness ratio. It felt pretty warm and substantial when I tried it on in stores. Plus you've got 3 different color options - the charcoal heather is the one I'd buy, mostly because black and navy are both such common options. Of course, a peacoat is not really designed for true cold weather, so you may have to do some strategic layering and accessorizing if you want to get the most use out of it.





                        this and a few other good options on 6pm. Own this, cut well and fairly thick. cant beat for 60 bucks.



                          J. Crew Factory has a pretty decent looking option.

                          I also have a wool jacket from Express that is phenomenal, but fails to live up to the current retail price. Wait for one of their bottom dollar sales and pull the trigger early.



                            I picked up a charcoal Calvin Klein peacoat from Marshalls yesterday for $60. It fit better than the ones I had tried on from BR and BR factory. The problem with those is that I'm in between sizes whereas with the CK coat, a small fit me perfectly. It's has a nice warm quilted lining too.



                              I want this one


                              but would settle for


                              Save up boys!

                              edit: I couldn't say no and emailed to be put on waitlist hopefully, just an amazing looking coat.