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Honest-to-God Slim Chinos under $50

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    Honest-to-God Slim Chinos under $50

    I am looking for Chinos with a slim fit (they could probably be skinny). I like the look of Dockers D1, but I'm between sizes for them apparently--two pairs sent back. My current (only) pair is H&M, and they fit perfectly and I like the look, but they're getting long in the tooth and H&M doesn't seem to have replaced them with anything worthwhile. I want casual, but NOT with jean pockets. I've tried every flavor of Gap pants, those seemed too formal and too loose in the calf.

    Under $50 would be great. More, and it could be a Christmas present.

    Basically I want the Bonobos khakis ( for less.

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!


    There's a 50% off one item sale going on at LEC:



      Macy's often has Dockers Alpha chinos on sale for $50ish. They're a lot more of a slim fit than the D1s, though.




        Alpha khaki sizing is even worse than the D1s. I literally cannot find 32x34 Alphas anywhere online.



          Uniqlo slim chinos and Land's End 608 fit (on sale)are your best bets.



            @Moses - If I might add, I would definitely save up for one of the Bonobos khaki's; I have a number of them and they're all well fitting. For an extra 38 bucks or so, you won't be able to go back to some of the cheaper alternatives in this thread.



              If you haven't ordered from Bonobos before, you can get $25 off $75 making them a little closer to 50. Here's my code if so:

              Otherwise, if you're a student, a student discount will give you 25% off first purchase and 15% off thereafter



                Dockers D1's are very loose. I own them and wear them to work, but they look silly compared to my Alpha khakis and stuff from LEC.

                If you don't mind them leaning more towards the skinny spectrum, the Land's End 608 fits are exactly what you are looking for.

                40% off going on right now, and you can just make individual purchases with the same code.

                I own these:

                And they fit pretty good.



                  Anoter vote for the LEC chinos. With the 40% off, I'm almost tempted to get another pair.



                    I've been happy with J. Crew Factory Urban Slim chinos.



                      Thanks for all the help! Wow, those Bonobos are looking tempting now. I think I'll have to wait till Christmas (I just cleaned up at Uniqlo and bought Bean boots on Ebay--Sandy seems to have stalled FedEx and the postal service both).

                      Did anyone try the Frank & Oak chinos?




                        Lands End slim fit chinos fit really funny. I've learned anything from Lands End should be tried on before purchasing, besides maybe their shirts. The Slim Fit chinos I have are not slim through the leg and there is an awful amount of extra space in the seat. It honestly looks like you're wearing an adult diaper.

                        Check out the Emerson fit khakis from Banana Republic. They're similiar to a Levis 511/514 fit, not ultra slim but definitely not regular fit, plus the fabric is really soft and nice, not papery. I also really like Uniqlo's pants. The D1 and Jcrew urban slim are also good alternatives.



                          I would suggest try Gap's "lived-in" khaki's. They're slim fit but more on the skinnier side after washing and are amazingly soft and fit very well. Tons of colors too. They retail $69 but go on sale quite often. I've got 4 pairs.



                            I didn't find the JCrew Urban Slim Chinos to be very slim at all.



                              LEC's new slim fit chinos are honest-to-God slim, even borderline skinny. They're a little taught around the calves, but it seems to be the latest trend with J. Crew, LEC, and other manufacturers. I believe they're down to $30 with the current sale..and I received free shipping on my last order. Not sure if the $50 threshold has to be met before or after the discount; I might have used a different code with different benefits.

                              My first pair of LEC chinos are about three years old now and they've still got another couple of years left in them. Best bang-for-the-buck out there.