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Anyone see Mansome on Netflix?

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    Anyone see Mansome on Netflix?

    Mansome is (according to IMDB) "A documentary that explores the question: In the age of manscaping, metrosexuals, and grooming products galore - what does it mean to be a man?"

    I know we deal with clothing more than grooming, somewhat, and it has the focus of a water balloon filled with paint hurled against a wall. That said, it was mildly entertaining, but the strangest thing was they had 'experts', 'people they focused on', 'man on the street interviews'. The experts were all really well dressed and had interesting viewpoints, the 'man on the street's had wildly varying opinions to the same question (as you'd expect), but when they focused on a few people to tell their, I really just wanted to punch them in the throat. The pro wrestler was the only likable guy, and it was mostly 'Yeah, I shave all of my body hair because it's my job; kinda weird, right? But thems the breaks'.

    But the overarching theme of the documentary seemed to be 'Wow, people who take this too seriously sure are goofy!' And to prove that point they had comedians who would give their opinion...only it's not their opinion to give an opinion, it was given to attempt to be funny. Two bright spots regarding the humor aspect of it: Adam Carolla's bit about the regular German soldier with the Hitler mustache, and Jason Bateman/Will Arnette go to a spa (some of those scenes could have used a second take, though).

    All and all, it was 'meh' as far as entertainment goes, but I found myself wondering how long they could stretch the premise out since they were basically spending an hour and half of my life getting about as deep into this as a stone skipping across water.

    Anyone else see it?


    I watched it on Netflix a few weeks ago. I think you summed the whole thing up pretty well. I ended up enjoying the commentary from various actors/comedians more than the documentary content itself. Not a bad way to waste an hour or two, but I'm fine only seeing it once.