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Experience with John Varvatos Boots?

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    Experience with John Varvatos Boots?

    Hey fellas,

    can anyone attest to the quality of John Varvatos boots or shoes in general? I've heard some good stuff about their leather, but only vague reviews about shoes. Oh, and of course I'm asking this question within the context of the Last Call sale by NM. Really love the look of those Tumbled Calfskin Short Boots.

    Thanks, I appreciate any help!


    I have a pair of Varvatos shoes that I got for a little under $100 during a last call sale. I like the styling but was quite underwhelmed by the leather quality. Had I paid over $100 I would have returned them. Considering they were originally well over $300, the leather itself is pretty mediocre as well as the construction. For a frame of reference, I find my Johnston & Murphy shoes to be of higher quality.

    This is just my experience. Varvatos may have different lines of quality that I am unaware of.

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      I bought the Varvatos Mercer Chukkas for around $60 with all the coupon stacking.

      The leather is just ok, but the fit is pretty good. I'd say I basically got what I paid for. With varvatos you are paying 90% for the brand name.




        I guess I'll steer away from them, then..



          i have a pair of varvatos dress shoes from nordstrom (around $275) - and i LOVE THEM. i get complements on them every time i wear them, and they're super comfy.

          as a frame of reference my other dress shoes are cole haans, and the varvatos was a much softer leather from the get go. they're my go to dress shoes.