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Modern, slimmer casual blazers

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    Modern, slimmer casual blazers

    I'm in the market for an emerging style of jacket that is still difficult to locate. Its a more modern fit with a shorter jacket length and slimmer sleeves and body fit. Frank & Oak, Lands' End Canvas and Zara are all big on it. Unfortunately, those manufacturers' current designs don't work for one reason or another (F&O's corduroy doesn't do anything for me, LEC's offerings are out of my price range, and Zara's use of possibly-irremovable 'pleather' elbow patches torpedos their one excellent offering). I'm still racked with guilt for missing F&O's $50 navy cotton blazer two months ago.

    Basically, I'm looking for a classically-inspired tweed, navy cotton, or navy wool jacket with the described fit in a 38R. I'm on a law student budget so the purchase price cannot exceed $150 at the moment.

    I know many people will probably recommend taking a thrifted jacket to the tailor, but from what I've read, it is VERY difficult and expensive to properly shorten a jacket's length. That's a critical element in my opinion. I'll take any and all advice.

    P.S. - Thoughts on the Haspel navy cotton blazer carried by Amazon? There only three left in my size so I hope this shout-out doesn't sell them out.



    I would highly recommend that Washed Cotton Jacket from Uniqlo that Joe just reviewed today-

    You may want to consult his measurements for sizing, but this is hands down the best blazer I own. Unlined, extremely lightweight, slim fitting, and a great value for the price. I tend to prefer jackets a bit on the shorter side as well, and I've found this one to be perfect.

    Hope this helps!



      Thanks for the input! I just checked those out. Unfortunately, all of the medium grays are sold out and, for whatever reason, Uniqlo doesn't make a navy version. Come on Uniqlo! Help me out!




        They carry modern slim blazers - maybe swing by a store and try a few on?



          What's your height? If you're around 5'7-5'9 an "S" length might give you the shorter look you're trying to find.



            @Acoustic - I'm right around the 5'10 mark. I thought about looking into some short jackets, but I would have to make sure the sleeves have enough material be let out. I would still be concerned about floppy, wide sleeves too.

            Any other ideas? I know LEC blazers are down to $150, but that's at the edge of my budget.