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[REVIEW] Tommy Hilfiger Khaki Poplin Suit Review

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    [REVIEW] Tommy Hilfiger Khaki Poplin Suit Review

    just a quick review for those who are considering picking one up on sale at (not available in-store). i believe there was at least one of you in the dappered community...?

    my measurements: 5'9.5", 170 lbs, wide shoulders, average build. i normally purchase 39R or 40R jackets and 35" waist pants. for the tommy, i went with the 40R jacket and the 36" pants.

    fit: if you have any tommy trim fit suits, you know what you're getting into. it is cut pretty much exactly like the more common wool options. armholes are set pretty high and the torso is slim and moderately scalloped. the pants will need to be taken out 1-1.5 inches, as tommy trim fit pants are always surprisingly tight.

    material: the cotton fabric used in this suit is substantial and smooth. it has a clean, crisp feel to the touch and holds its shape very well, giving you nice lines and edges. it might actually be too substantial; the jacket felt a little stiff for the first few wears. it's as if there is a break-in period for the shoulders.

    construction: the detailing is good and the construction is solid. the jacket is half-lined. the shoulder pads appear to be slightly reduced compared to the suit's wool counterparts, but nevertheless you get that typical, sharp-cornered tommy shoulder.

    miscellaneous: i ended up having to order four jackets (two for me and two for my best man) because two of them had stains on them from the packing facility (the shipping boxes were not damaged at all). buyer beware: it seems like these particular suits either pick up stains easily or were stored in a questionable spot at the macys warehouse.

    overall: i am very satisfied with this suit. it's just about what i was looking for for my summer wedding, and after coupons it was just about $200. not bad, if you ask me!


    36" pants? really?

    I'm the same height you are and about 10 lbs heavier. I almost always shoot for a 34 and occasionally get away with a 32.

    I was just kinda taken back by that after reading your measurements



      I wear 34 Levi's, 36 in most brands' chinos, and a 38 in the TH suit pants.

      Thanks for posting the review. Was curious about the way these wear. I think you get a lot of bang for your buck on those TH suits. Unfortunately, I think the arms are a little on the short end (44R here and I don't have particularly long arms).



        Bump since this suit is currently on sale at for about $190

        While we're talking about summer suits:

        Alfani Tan, $190 and Tommy Hilfiger Suit Separates, Tan Sharkskin Slim Fit, $220

        Thanks for posting a review. Many times online reviewers say it does/doesn't fit but don't provide their size or measurements.

        My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



          FWIW, I usually wear a 34 in jeans (sometimes a 32) and 34 in chinos, but my suit/dress pants (Jos. A. Bank) run a 36. I'm 5'8", 180 lbs and carry most of my weight in my upper chest and around my waist.

          I think I've read that suit pants are usually not vanity sized and are generally 6 smaller than the jacket size as a standard.